Jan - Dec  2000

26 Dec 2000
Heartfelt sympathy for a flatlining industry

22 Dec 2000
Power Vacuum
With the election over, an anxious nation asks, Now what will we

17 Nov 2000
There She Is: The Most Resented Woman In America
Peter Bagge defends the honor of our most maligned institution

29 Sep 2000
The Suck School of Comic Art: Graduate Course
How to draw even funnier

22 Sep 2000
Blah Blah Blah
Reflections on the 2000 Democratic National Convention, by P. Bagge

15 Sep 2000
Egos a Go-go
Peter Bagge explores the Reform Party

25 Aug 2000
I (Heart) The Blob!
Peter Bagge closes the book on the EMP

3 Mar 2000
Bush Bounces Back
Suck's bail-out of George W.'s hapless campaign

25 Feb 2000
70,000 Sucksters Can't Be Wrong
Suck sets out to make the world a better place for television

28 Jan 2000
Man on the Floor
A Suck Insider Special Report

14 Jan 2000
Vending Machine Shakedown
Coin-ops for the New Economy

7 Jan 2000
Infomercial 'Oscars!'
The Glitz! The Glamour! The $19.95 Gizmos!