Jan - Dec  1999

13 Dec 1999
Porn for Nerds. Stuff that Splatters

13 Aug 1999
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Sautéed Me
Further employment opportunities for supervillains

23 Jul 1999
Escape from New York
Hillary and Rudy's Empire State squabble

9 Jul 1999
New Adventures in Critterdom
Aibo's litter of technopets

2 Jul 1999
How To Judge A Man By His CD Collection
A Modern Woman's Guide to Dating in the Digital Age

18 Jun 1999
Ten Years After: OJ Simpson, 2004
A futuristic, Juiceriffic anniversary!

11 Jun 1999
Stop Making Census
The real Y2K problem

4 Jun 1999
Suck Goes to War!
One of our own joins up!

28 May 1999
All the World's a Rave
We cash in on Shakespeare chic

14 May 1999
Menace II Society
Stop the schmendrick cleansing!

30 Apr 1999
Posse Prospects
Leo's hunt for a new Magic Man

16 Apr 1999
Outside the Actor's Studio
The death of celebrity at the Bravo Network

2 Apr 1999
Great Expectations
...and why you should lower them

19 Mar 1999
The Celluloid Dunciad
How Retarded People Conquered Hollywood

12 Mar 1999
The Brave New World of high-tech toiletries

5 Mar 1999
Urban Hipsters
Little, Yellow, Different

19 Feb 1999
Yawn At The Devil
Searching for Falwell's Jewish Antichrist

5 Feb 1999
The new legalism: It's not just for jury duty anymore!

29 Jan 1999
The Eternal Blame
Trace your problems back to the source!

15 Jan 1999
Bastard Out of Arkansas
Matt Drudge's last big scoop?

8 Jan 1999
Details, Details
Are you detail oriented or detail ignorant?