Jan - Dec  1997

19 Dec 1997
How To Buy Suck
The best-case scenario

12 Dec 1997
Write what you know!

5 Dec 1997
Are You Getting Old?
Watch for the tell-tale signs

21 Nov 1997
Skin-deep Thoughts
Esquire speaks Christy Turlington's mind...

7 Nov 1997
The Suck School of Comic Art
Terry did this all by himself!

31 Oct 1997
Devil in the Details
What makes the merely dumb extremely dumb?

3 Oct 1997
The Suck School of Comedy
How to be funny: we're serious

19 Sep 1997
Are You in a Meeting? How to tell.
Suck goes to work

29 Aug 1997
Hacking Your Life Away
The Suck guide to writing for online magazines

15 Aug 1997
Apple and Microsoft
A fable

1 Aug 1997
Self-destruction Books
Eat less, weigh more!

18 Jul 1997
Are you in a cult, or just Canadian?

1 Apr 1997