Jun 2001

8 Jun 2001

Suck brings back the spirit of history's great vacationers

7 Jun 2001

Hit & Run 6.7.01
Eternal returns

6 Jun 2001

Filler 06.6.01
Nifty Alternatives To Dating!

4 Jun 2001

Tiny Little Penis 6.4.01
Too old for sex? Time for gardening!

1 Jun 2001

Henry Boltinoff: A Tribute
Suck remembers the man who kept America focused

  May 2001

31 May 2001

Hit & Run 05.31.01
Learning from Jerry, burning for Pearl, spurning Britannica.com

30 May 2001

Filler 05.30.01
Dating and Other Catastrophes!

29 May 2001

Dear Tiny Little Penis
Is he stringing you along?

27 May 2001

Indy 2000!

25 May 2001

He No Batter
Little League Lunacy

24 May 2001

Hit & Run 05.24.01
Kaycee's second death, Kurtz's double diss, and Suck on the ropes

23 May 2001

Filler 05.23.01
Do You Believe in

22 May 2001

Nip and Tux
A history of the stupidest outfit in history

21 May 2001

Tiny Little Penis 5.21.2001
Oh Yes, I'm The Great Pretender!

18 May 2001

This week's movie of the week

17 May 2001

Hit & Run 05.17.01
From freeware to freework

16 May 2001

Filler 05.16.01
Simply Red China!

15 May 2001

The Suck Reader Poll
Assert your averageness with these simple interactive questions!

14 May 2001

Dear Tiny Little Penis
Is it time for your post-divorce self-examination?

11 May 2001

Becoming Digital
Old Media takes a lesson

10 May 2001

Hit & Run 05.10.01
Mom, The Law, And Air Apple Pie

9 May 2001

Filler 05.9.01
Rock Hits Broadway, Hard!

8 May 2001

What If Week In Review
All the news that might have happened

7 May 2001

A new advice column for a new century

4 May 2001

Hooked On Crank

3 May 2001

Hit & Run 05.3.01
Michael Tchong picks a fight with Suck, and more

2 May 2001

Filler 05.2.01
Happy Fillerversary! Five Filling Years!

1 May 2001

Secret History
The awful truth about secret societies

  Apr 2001

30 Apr 2001

Hogan's Run
Where's Crocodile Dundee's Oscar?

27 Apr 2001

Trouble, Right Here In River City
How to make urban dystopias even worse

26 Apr 2001

Hit & Run 04.26.01
Jabbed, NABbed, and Blabbed

25 Apr 2001

Filler 04.25.01
Your Dysfunctional Friends and Neighbors!

24 Apr 2001

Jocko Homo
Primates unite to save web content

23 Apr 2001

Guts and Glory
Two fisted tales that should be ignored

20 Apr 2001

Mean Streets
Who's the real bohemian here?

19 Apr 2001

Hit & Run 04.19.01
Bad teachers, bad nuns, bad animals, and bad monkeys

18 Apr 2001

Filler 04.18.01
Service With a Malevolent Smile!

17 Apr 2001

Survivor Guilt
Australia: Enchanted land of Strudel and Lederhosen

16 Apr 2001

Conservation of What Matters
Where did that $4 trillion go?

13 Apr 2001

Movie Review, 2038
Our Nation's new finest hour, on the big screen

12 Apr 2001

Hit & Run 04.12.01
The death of the web, continued: A brief history

11 Apr 2001

Filler 04.11.01
They're Playin' Basketball!

10 Apr 2001

The Inland Empire Strikes Back!
LA's economy of schmear

9 Apr 2001

The Glamour Crisis
Hey, that stuff only looks like chocolat!

6 Apr 2001

Scenes from the life of a Death Row Film Critic
America's most honest reviewer's got nothing to lose

5 Apr 2001

Hit & Run 04.5.01
Babs battles on, campaign reform is a gas, UK footballers hit hard, fast and often

4 Apr 2001

Filler 04.4.01
Time for More Taxing Waxings!

3 Apr 2001

This Is Joe Franklin Reminding You To Buckle Up
Hailing Taxis

2 Apr 2001

Baiting Whitey
The crisis in our schools: One hysterical son's lament

  Mar 2001

30 Mar 2001

Cost Minus
An internal report: Our new cost-saving program

29 Mar 2001

Hit & Run 03.29.01
The Day the Clown Died: Bozo gets canceled, viral pals Back the web, OS X marks the spot, and more

28 Mar 2001

Filler 03.28.01
Get Yourself a Virtual Professional!

27 Mar 2001

Ten Reasons Not To Go To the Movies
Trailer tipoffs for mediocre movies

26 Mar 2001

Horse Sense
The future of Rodeo America

23 Mar 2001

The Elvisification of Marshall Mathers or From Marshall to Jerry
From Grammys to Grampa in short, easy steps.

22 Mar 2001

Hit & Run 03.22.01
Dotcoms still feeling woozy, pups pound Palestinians, we get ripped

21 Mar 2001

Filler 03.21.01
Friday, The Rabbit Saw Red!

20 Mar 2001

Suspension of Belief
Beliefnet spreads the word of the Lords

19 Mar 2001

The Sky Is Falling
Next, let's blame the financial reporters

16 Mar 2001

The Irish Curse
Our treatment for a St. Patrick's Day thriller

15 Mar 2001

Hit & Run 03.15.01
Martin Lawrence gets digitized, Wham-O! gets funky, and the banner yet waves

14 Mar 2001

Filler 03.14.01
Tragic Flaws Of The Tragically Hip!

13 Mar 2001

I Dig Your Wig
One actor's campaign to free us from our own heads

12 Mar 2001

Run For Your Life
Beatles 4 Ever?

9 Mar 2001

Peace Dividends
Making Colombia Safe for Campesinos?

8 Mar 2001

Hit & Run 03.8.01
Web geniuses are like buses, Brendan is like butter, we find a bride for the Peter Pan guy, and more

7 Mar 2001

Filler 03.7.01
Working in the Gene Pool!

6 Mar 2001

Video Toast
Bully for TV critics

5 Mar 2001

Hat Dance
Putting the 'lite' back in 'elite'

2 Mar 2001

More Things Change
Suck Goes to India

1 Mar 2001

Hit & Run 03.1.01
Spies, Drug Lords, Trade Show Schnooks, and more

  Feb 2001

28 Feb 2001

Filler 02.28.01
Complex or Convex?

27 Feb 2001

First Drones of History
We read celeblogs so you don't have to

26 Feb 2001

Taking The "R" Out of "Free"
In Memorium, WWW

23 Feb 2001

Defending James Lipton
An unctuous hack and an ungrateful nation

22 Feb 2001

Hit & Run 02.22.01
A real-life Barney Fife gets his man, Creationists catch the genome, Grammys go Native, and more

21 Feb 2001

Filler 02.21.01
Couples to Avoid IV!

20 Feb 2001

Fast, Cheap, and Mission-Controlled
George W's suprising demobilization

16 Feb 2001

Tavern Turnover
Peter Bagge tracks the evolution of Blue Collar Dives into Hipster Hangouts

15 Feb 2001

Hit & Run 02.15.01
The N Word just pops out, Naked News jobs pop up, McVeigh fouls out, and dateless wonders bounce back

14 Feb 2001

Filler 02.14.01
Women to Avoid IV!

13 Feb 2001

Lawn Jockeying
The war against the suburbs enters a snooze-worthy new phase.

12 Feb 2001

Putting the Ass Back in Assassin
Retarded sons of Oswald in a can't-do nation

9 Feb 2001

Something About Mary
The Blessed Mother: Still fighting Commies after all these years

8 Feb 2001

Hit & Run 02.8.01
Shakespeare in turnaround, Chynese war on

7 Feb 2001

Filler 02.7.01
Men to Avoid IV!

6 Feb 2001

Vanity Unfair?
Teaser: Xliberated

5 Feb 2001

Cable Degeneration
Do you fit the suit?

2 Feb 2001

Suck presents ... Unsolicited
A new magazine of, by, and for The People

1 Feb 2001

Hit & Run 02.1.01
Atheism, Advocates, Agony, and more

  Jan 2001

31 Jan 2001

Filler 01.31.01
Jesus Saves Coupons!

30 Jan 2001

Will Work For Love Gifts, Tips
Laying on of hands and dodging of taxes, Hoosier-style

29 Jan 2001

WAP, Bam, No Thank You, Ma'am
Fear of a wireless world

26 Jan 2001

All Aboard
It takes a lot to laugh, but does it really take a train to cry?

25 Jan 2001

Hit & Run 01.25.01
Jandek off the charts, love children in da house, Englishmen in the grave, and more

24 Jan 2001

Filler 01.24.01
A survival guide for casualties of the dot-com war!

23 Jan 2001

No Cerveza, No Trabajo
Are little girlymen taking over our armed forces?

22 Jan 2001

The Artless Bastards
Who needs art when you've got artists?

19 Jan 2001

Saving Private Cheney
How Five American soldiers crossed into enemy territory so one man wouldn't have to.

18 Jan 2001

Hit & Run 01.18.01
The imploding of the American mind

17 Jan 2001

Filler 01.17.01
Paper Or Plastic?

16 Jan 2001

Tomorrow's Superwriters Today
Why authors are nobody's heroes

15 Jan 2001

Free At Last
Suck is neither a fish nor a barrel, nor is it a smoking gun. Discuss.

12 Jan 2001

Tales From the Cache
The Terrible Truth of Telecommuting!

11 Jan 2001

Hit & Run 01.11.01
The Hate Trick, or You Can Touch It With a Ten-Foot Pole

10 Jan 2001

Filler 01.10.01
Wedding Hell!

9 Jan 2001

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves
Why A Star keeps being reborn

8 Jan 2001

What Price Shame?
Deliver us from celebrity weddings

5 Jan 2001

Transfer of Power
Suck takes the reins of humor!

4 Jan 2001

Hit & Run 01.4.01
Mummers mumming, job applicants hunting and evil Santas shooting

3 Jan 2001

Filler 01.3.01
Your 2001 Horoscope!

2 Jan 2001

Utility Players
Lights out from coast to coast

  Dec 2000

29 Dec 2000

Remembering 2000
Suck's wayback machine shows us a more innocent time

28 Dec 2000

They Saved Cheney's Heart
A Fantastic Voyage into America's future!

27 Dec 2000

Filler 12.27.00
Sing Those Post-Holiday Blues!

26 Dec 2000

Heartfelt sympathy for a flatlining industry

25 Dec 2000

Xmas Marks the Spot
Suck's Christmases past come back to haunt you

22 Dec 2000

Power Vacuum
With the election over, an anxious nation asks, Now what will we

21 Dec 2000

Hit & Run 12.21.00
The bad news, the worse news, and the ugly news

20 Dec 2000

Filler 12.20.00
How The Yinch Stole Christmas!

19 Dec 2000

How Many Years Is That In Dogma Years?
Five years of Dogme 95 is enough

18 Dec 2000

Marley's Boast
Putting X back in Xmas

15 Dec 2000

Awesome Disclosures
Behind the glimmering facade of City Confidential

14 Dec 2000

Hit & Run 12.14.00
Unpardonable offenses, reeking rumors and the Sucksters' clean keesters

13 Dec 2000

Filler 12.13.00
It's That Time Again! Time To Trudge Through the Mall, Moaning!

12 Dec 2000

The Ballot or the Box Office
A pitch guaranteed to keep voters away in droves

11 Dec 2000

Blame Steven
Hollywood has blood on its hands!

8 Dec 2000

The Catcher in the Wheat
Once an eagle, always an eagle

7 Dec 2000

Hit & Run 12.7.00
New Yorker duped again, talking heads keep coming, and more

6 Dec 2000

Filler 12.6.00
Idealists, Hold Onto Your Hemp Hats!

5 Dec 2000

White Men Can't Joke
Comedy: Is it good for the Jews?

4 Dec 2000

Carnivore's indigestion problem

1 Dec 2000

The long, fruitful death of comic books

  Nov 2000

30 Nov 2000

Hit & Run 11.30.00
Candidates fly the coup, boy geniuses look for love, domains get down, Denby dumbs up, and more

29 Nov 2000

Filler 11.29.00
There You Are. Talking Like It's the End of the World.

28 Nov 2000

Long Live Rock
The classics refuse to die

27 Nov 2000

Geekquake, or, I Hear America Whining
Usenet: The end is only the beginning

23 Nov 2000

Turkey Day Tidings
Thanksgiving E-cards you wouldn't send to your worst enemies

22 Nov 2000

Filler 11.22.00
Spam Is Good Food!

21 Nov 2000

Chad and Jeremiad
Gush, Bore and your own two eyes: Don't believe any of them

20 Nov 2000

The Family Business is Business
Find the second generation role model that's right for you!

17 Nov 2000

There She Is: The Most Resented Woman In America
Peter Bagge defends the honor of our most maligned institution

16 Nov 2000

Hit & Run 11.16.00
Saturday Night Undead, It's Pat!, Vanity of vanities, and more

15 Nov 2000

Filler 11.15.00
Is Polly Actually a Man?

14 Nov 2000

Almost Ramis
A generation comes home

13 Nov 2000

Ballot Designs Rejected by the Palm Beach County Election Committee
Vote early and often!

10 Nov 2000

American Revolution 2000
Disgruntled patriots vote with their fists

9 Nov 2000

Hit & Run 11.9.00
George W. Booze, rich Senators, and dead Senators

8 Nov 2000

Filler 11.8.00
Which Creep Won?

7 Nov 2000

I Am Third
The direct threat to our arsenal of democracy

6 Nov 2000

The Desperate Hours
Last-minute endorsements from B-list celebrities

3 Nov 2000

The Basket Case
The short, happy life of the Longaberger empire

2 Nov 2000

Hit & Run 11.2.00
The poop on PS2, animal rights, Joe's dong, and more

1 Nov 2000

Filler 11.1.00
The Truth Shall Make You Flee!

  Oct 2000

31 Oct 2000

This Magick Moment
Saying Boo to Aleister Crowley

30 Oct 2000

Them Against Fire
Who you calling a chicken?

27 Oct 2000

Final End III
The Third Final End

26 Oct 2000

Hit & Run 10.26.00
Real-life Ghostbusters, Porn on AOL, Lackeys DOA, and more

25 Oct 2000

Filler 10.25.00
Stands with a fist full of cash!

24 Oct 2000

The Pretender
Still pimping the President after all these years

23 Oct 2000

Public Service Announcement 2000
Eminem's Gate

20 Oct 2000

The Outsiders
Made guys come in from the cold

19 Oct 2000

Hit & Run 10.19.00
USS Cole bombing solved, Big Apple bombed,

18 Oct 2000

Filler 10.18.00
Old Age Is Like a Circus, With Heart-Stopping Thrills & Hot, Salty Nuts!

17 Oct 2000

Who's Buried in Joseph's Tomb?
Play by play in the latest battle of the Semites

16 Oct 2000

They Make Your Feet Feel Fine
Boneheads in Paradise

13 Oct 2000

Standing Oration
A last word on farewell concerts

12 Oct 2000

Hit & Run 10.12.00
Going off-Linux, new Insights, and more

11 Oct 2000

Filler 10.11.00
Waltzing Matilda!

10 Oct 2000

But Is It Cow?
Art of the bovine ilk

9 Oct 2000

Equal Pay for Equal Work
Women are more than just gloupies!

6 Oct 2000

The Whys of Tammy Faye
The Age of Innocents

5 Oct 2000

Hit & Run 10.5.00
Going off-Linux, new Insights, and more

4 Oct 2000

Filler 10.4.00
Laff Olympics!

3 Oct 2000

Rock 'n' Roll Middle School
How Rock Criticism Became White

2 Oct 2000

George Washington Lost Here
The virtue of Necessity

  Sep 2000

29 Sep 2000

The Suck School of Comic Art: Graduate Course
How to draw even funnier

28 Sep 2000

Hit & Run 9.28.00
Cops on the DL, TiVo in the house, the Times on the lookout, and more

27 Sep 2000

Filler 09.27.00
The Most Unanswerable Question You've Answered A Million Times!

26 Sep 2000

The Importance of Being Average
Go-o-o-o Eagles!

25 Sep 2000

Caddyshack Culture
The green cradle of contemporary America.

22 Sep 2000

Blah Blah Blah
Reflections on the 2000 Democratic National Convention, by P. Bagge

21 Sep 2000

Hit and Run 09.21.00
Saddam speaks, Hollywood's finest go into exile, critics criticize, and eBay says YES! to Suck.

20 Sep 2000

Filler 09.20.00
I'm a Joker, I'm a Smoker, I'm a Provoker!

19 Sep 2000

All About the Benjamins
Projecting the Arcades

18 Sep 2000

Summer of Samaranch
Goose-stepping into the Millennium Games

15 Sep 2000

Egos a Go-go
Peter Bagge explores the Reform Party

14 Sep 2000

Hit & Run 9.14.00
"In the beginning was the word, and the..."

13 Sep 2000

Filler 09.13.00
Motorcycling Leads to Recycling!

12 Sep 2000

The Colossus of Ceylon, Minnesota
The hidden genius of a man called Walt

11 Sep 2000

Hollywood pulls together for a rebuilding season

8 Sep 2000

Downtime by Law
It's the lawyers' world; we just live in it

7 Sep 2000

Hit & Run 9.7.00
The Single-Daughter Theory: A Suck special report

6 Sep 2000

Filler 09.06.00
Analyze This, Jerkball!

5 Sep 2000

Kiss My Grits
Chewing on the most important meal of the day

1 Sep 2000

Chickenhawk Down
Dick Cheney is a pussy

  Aug 2000

31 Aug 2000

Hit & Run 8.31.00
"For a medium jointly ruled by one-click shopping..."

30 Aug 2000

Filler 08.30.00
How Crazy Are You?

29 Aug 2000

Time Out!
Two a day, the American way

28 Aug 2000

Suck's Wooden Anniversary
Some inflated statistics about our first five-year plan

25 Aug 2000

I (Heart) The Blob!
Peter Bagge closes the book on the EMP

24 Aug 2000

Hit & Run CCXLI
Back that Thang Up! Al Gore III Busted, The Season's Hottest Baby Names and/or Magazine Titles, and More!

23 Aug 2000

Filler 08.23.00
The Finks You Do For Love!

22 Aug 2000

Maximum Bob
The man from Hope

21 Aug 2000

I've Been a Shriner for a Heart of Gold
Under the Fez: a special report

18 Aug 2000

The American Century 2.0
Dreams deferred

17 Aug 2000

Hit & Run CCXL
X-Games! From Down Syndrome to Street Luge in 20 seconds

16 Aug 2000

Filler 08.16.00
Go For Credit In The Third World!

15 Aug 2000

Whee! The People
You can't live on amusement

14 Aug 2000

Muggling Through
The Bloom is off the rose, and why

11 Aug 2000

The Code War
Software by other means...

10 Aug 2000

Return of the Vacuum Tube: Suck Breaks One-Week Silence on RNC, Macaulay Culkin, and More!

9 Aug 2000

Filler 08.09.00
Catch An Exboyfriend By The Toe!

8 Aug 2000

The JAGged Edge
Network TV says 'Anchors Aweigh!'

7 Aug 2000

The American In Me
A lone Yankee adjective brings back the pride

4 Aug 2000

History, atrocity and superheroes

3 Aug 2000

Petulant prolixity, good dogs, illegal downloads, revisited riots, and more

2 Aug 2000

Filler 08.02.00
Happiness, Where Are You?

1 Aug 2000

Reality Bites
Who's really to blame for reality TV?

  Jul 2000

31 Jul 2000

Before the Body's Cold
The long, unhappy life of Mozilla

28 Jul 2000

Puff Justice
The Trial of the Century (Remix Version)

27 Jul 2000

"Martin Lawrence spent part of last summer in..."

26 Jul 2000

Filler 07.26.00
Question Those Who Tell You To Question Authority!

25 Jul 2000

Lipstick Traces
Two views of Bill Clinton

24 Jul 2000

All the Summer's A Stage
First, let's kill all the actors

21 Jul 2000

Indy 2000! Part 2
Peter Bagge puts the pedal to the metal in Hoosierville

20 Jul 2000

Indy 2000!

19 Jul 2000

Filler 07.19.00
Date My Friend Steve Already!

18 Jul 2000

The Hardship of Accounting
Bounced checks and balances

17 Jul 2000

Don't razz the Prez
Based on a True Story

14 Jul 2000

Abridge Too Far
The art of capsule writing

13 Jul 2000

Immortality postponed, Founding Fathers dissed, real estate follies, and more

12 Jul 2000

Filler 07.12.00
Had Any Good Ideas Lately?

11 Jul 2000

Prank and File
Napsterites forge new works of art

10 Jul 2000

Napster rides the rap; eBay launders the bucks

7 Jul 2000

Steve Case, Superstar
The making of a mogul

6 Jul 2000

Hit & Run CCXXXV
Walter's mission, Williams's d'Ascoynes, Gates's gate, and more

5 Jul 2000

Filler 07.05.00
The Lemming Condition!

4 Jul 2000

A Peace of Picasso for Everyone
No pointillism, no peace

3 Jul 2000

The Third of July
Sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations

  Jun 2000

30 Jun 2000

Pass the Mustard, Please, Sister Sunshine Daisy-Hat
An American Family under the rainbow

29 Jun 2000

Naughton on crime, street people on the genome, Suck on football, and more

28 Jun 2000

Filler 06.28.00
Time For More Frictionary!

27 Jun 2000

News Hole
Laugh your hands off with suckup D.C. reporters

26 Jun 2000

Loaf vs. Boss
The continuing story of an American Giant

23 Jun 2000

Steve Case, Superstar
The making of a mogul

22 Jun 2000

Extreme video, Suck chickens out, and big body counts

21 Jun 2000

Filler 06.21.00
Stranded On An Island?

20 Jun 2000

Bring Out Yer Dead
The decline of the thug obituary

19 Jun 2000

Java Been
The decaffeinated return of the cross-platform miracle

16 Jun 2000

Golf War Syndrome
America's weakest links

15 Jun 2000

Airlinez in Orbit, DNA dealerships, Super Mario Warriors, and more

14 Jun 2000

Filler 06.14.00
We Were Born, Born In The '70s!

13 Jun 2000

The Friends of Eddie Murphy
A Film Giant smiles on his saplings

12 Jun 2000

Farewell My Lovely
The soft-boiled story of APB News

9 Jun 2000

Puff Justice
The Trial of the Century (Remix Version)

8 Jun 2000

Hit & Run CCXXXI
Amazon's Ms. Big speaks to Suck, Elvis's cook enters into Heaven, Dungeonmasters go open kimono, and more

7 Jun 2000

Filler 06.07.00
Chemistry 101: How To Get That Manic Panic You Love!

6 Jun 2000

Last Man Standing
The tragic fall of stand-up comedy

5 Jun 2000

Cancer schmancer, as long as you've got your health
Insuring against the sickness unto death

2 Jun 2000

Game Theory
Suck surveys indy board games

1 Jun 2000

Hit & Run CCXXX
We're ready for our closeups

  May 2000

31 May 2000

Filler 05.31.00
Ding-Dong, Freud Was Wrong!

30 May 2000

Crem Brulée
Matthew Barney penilizes the art world

29 May 2000

Memorial Day Blowout
Veteran content from Suck

26 May 2000

The Complete and Unabridged Illustrated Encyclopedia of Friendship

25 May 2000

Hit & Run CCXXIX
Mugs, thugs and plugs

24 May 2000

Filler 05.24.00
Kids Today Are Pissed Off!

23 May 2000

Stealth Food
We put the 'error' in Terror Bombing!

22 May 2000

The Rape of the Log
Charles Darwin and the old in-out

19 May 2000

Terry Colon's European Vacation
Suck's continental man steps out from behind the easel

18 May 2000

Papal bull, gun-toting moms, evil coaches, stupid fact checkers, and more!

17 May 2000

Filler 05.17.00
Grouching Towards Bethlehem!

16 May 2000

Pirate Flags
Intellectual property in the land of neither

15 May 2000

Fatherhood: The New Motherhood
Dad gets in touch with his outer child

12 May 2000

On Wall Street: Casual Do's, Casual Don't's
Heard on the street this spring? Throw out that suit without looking like a blue-collar slob!

11 May 2000

Black chicks do Hollywood, the UN does nothing, our Love Bug report, and a South-of-the-Border greeting

10 May 2000

Filler 05.10.00
The Insufferable Mr. Snipley!

9 May 2000

Colombia House
Several drug warriors in search of a shooting war

8 May 2000

Dead Spots
Advertisers say the Grim Reaper is dead sexy!

5 May 2000

The Second Coming of Alan Keyes
Peter Bagge follows the quixotic Presidential campaign of America's would-be moral savior!

4 May 2000

Hit & Run CCXXVI
Jesus lives, Hercules dies, hacktors strike, and more

3 May 2000

Filler 05.03.00
Happy Fillerversary!

2 May 2000

Decline and Fall
"Semper ubi sub ubi scrawled onto a desk..."

1 May 2000

Generation Hex
Slackers finally get what they deserve

  Apr 2000

28 Apr 2000

Super Sounds of the Seventies
Sucking in that low, dishonest decade with right wing funsters!

27 Apr 2000

Hit & Run CCXXV
Travolta signs on the dotted line, Lars Ulrich gets paid, Lucianne Goldberg wipes Suck.com off her shoe

26 Apr 2000

Filler 04.26.00
Investors Flee!

25 Apr 2000

Kids Are People Too
Critics pan Elián

24 Apr 2000

Where Is Thy Sting?
Resurrecting the Easter pageant

21 Apr 2000

Beautiful People Bailout
Entertainment industry salvation or celebrity welfare? You decide

20 Apr 2000

Hit & Run CCXXIV
Burst bubbles, movie news, web studs, and crazy Iranians

19 Apr 2000

Filler 04.19.00
Karma Chameleon!

18 Apr 2000

She Will Always Love Us
A little respect for a sister, please!

17 Apr 2000

It's the Economy, Stupid!
Massacre and one-downmanship in Uganda

14 Apr 2000

Lukewarm sendoffs for the dearly beliked

13 Apr 2000

"Alexander Pay n e , t h e..."

12 Apr 2000

Filler 04.12.00
Tax Time!

11 Apr 2000

Call Western Union
The triumphant return of the Message Movie

10 Apr 2000

Skin Cancer
Cosmetic surgery for your digits

7 Apr 2000

Telling Baby "No"
A Suck corporate instructional video

6 Apr 2000

Hit & Run CCXXII
Near death, near comedy, and near misses

5 Apr 2000

Filler 04.05.00
Growing Pains!

4 Apr 2000

Intention Deficit Disorder
Those damn kids just won't get hooked on drugs

3 Apr 2000

Stupid Grandson Theory
What have the Kennedys done for us lately?

  Mar 2000

31 Mar 2000

The Hinckle File
A one-eyed man in the kingdom of way-old journalism

30 Mar 2000

Hit & Run CCXXI
Ass jokes, dick jokes, and Uranus

29 Mar 2000

Filler 03.29.00
Bad Head!

28 Mar 2000

Corrections for the Rest of Us
Make your feelings clear the Suck way

27 Mar 2000

Rough Trade
R U N2 B2B?

24 Mar 2000

Project Zapster
The sleeping giant wakes up and hits the warpath

23 Mar 2000

Hit & Run CCXX
Celebrity meat, feckless Rap, and more

22 Mar 2000

Filler 03.22.00
Dies Irae!

21 Mar 2000

Use and Abuse
Usability is in the eye of the beholder

20 Mar 2000

The Jawbone of a Scare Quote
You call it corn, we call it 'maize'

17 Mar 2000

Code This Book
Suck's writing engine rocks the bestseller list

16 Mar 2000

Hit & Run CCXIX
Jet setter falls, Dole shills, vendors get Ralled, and the pope gets rolled

15 Mar 2000

Filler 03.15.00
Dearly E-Loved!

14 Mar 2000

Feel-Bad TV
David Letterman's late-night psychodrama goes on

13 Mar 2000

Oxygen Tent
Sisters are doin' it for themselves

10 Mar 2000

Pounding license plates

9 Mar 2000

Elephant poop, libertarian scoop, Southerners duped, and the Meathead's endless loop

8 Mar 2000

Filler 03.08.00
Who Wants To Marry A Self-Involved Tyrant?

7 Mar 2000

Lemon Squeezers
Today's top self-promoters find the silver lining

6 Mar 2000

Don't Tell, Don't Tell
"Army had no shorta g e o f..."

3 Mar 2000

Bush Bounces Back
Suck's bail-out of George W.'s hapless campaign

2 Mar 2000

Hit & Run CCXVII
"Grapevin e , C B S ' s..."

1 Mar 2000

Filler 03.01.00
Even More Couples To Avoid!

  Feb 2000

29 Feb 2000

A Tale of Two Cities
The Way-New Urbanism isn't just for SAPs anymore!

28 Feb 2000

White Men in Hammerstein Ballroom
Disinfo.con honors 4-F veterans of the culture wars

25 Feb 2000

70,000 Sucksters Can't Be Wrong
Suck sets out to make the world a better place for television

24 Feb 2000

Hit & Run CCXVI
"Republican primary in which m o s t..."

23 Feb 2000

Filler 02.23.00
Even More Women To Avoid!

22 Feb 2000

Deadside Manner
Dr. Swango awaits cult status

21 Feb 2000

New to You!
Better living through reruns

18 Feb 2000

So Where Are the Little Girl's Underpants?
Suck's foreign correspondent writes home from the City of Lights

17 Feb 2000

Hit & Run CCXV
Spoof artist talks, Windows 2000 balks, Web lovebird walks

16 Feb 2000

Filler 02.16.00
Even More Men To Avoid!

15 Feb 2000

IP, Freely
A chilling vision of the Web's nightmarish future

14 Feb 2000

There's No 'X' in Team!
Vince McMahon's pigskin follies

11 Feb 2000

Valentine's Day Massacre
Express your mixed feelings the electronic way!

10 Feb 2000

Hit & Run CCXIV
Rants, raves, and 'funny' headlines

9 Feb 2000

Filler 02.09.00
Seemingly Endless Love!

8 Feb 2000

The taxing logic of fiscal revolution

7 Feb 2000

Addled Brains
Renata Adler's fossilized fuel

4 Feb 2000

A Letter from the Editorial Director
Let the common people Suck

3 Feb 2000

Hit & Run CCXIII
Toilet reading goes down the drain, Superbowl goes kerblooey, and more

2 Feb 2000

Filler 02.02.00

1 Feb 2000

Addled Brains
Renata Adler's fossilized fuel

  Jan 2000

31 Jan 2000

Blowing Smoke
With all this medium, where is the message?

28 Jan 2000

Man on the Floor
A Suck Insider Special Report

27 Jan 2000

Hit & Run CCXII
Cat juggling, Barbra boxing, death defying, and more

26 Jan 2000

Filler 01.26.00

25 Jan 2000

Claiming credit for the Big Nothing

24 Jan 2000

Out of Luck
A tale of two gay business plans

21 Jan 2000

Faux Film Festival
These knockoff are knockouts!

20 Jan 2000

Hit & Run CCXI
Artificial life forms, past-their-prime musical geniuses, and Garth Brooks

19 Jan 2000

Filler 01.19.00
So You Can Jest Medicine!

18 Jan 2000

From the Mouths of Babes
"Unlike the rest of the maj o r..."

17 Jan 2000

Messenger Service
Honor among thieves in a brave new world

14 Jan 2000

Vending Machine Shakedown
Coin-ops for the New Economy

13 Jan 2000

Hit & Run CCX
"Jerry Levin wound up on to p ,..."

12 Jan 2000

Filler 01.12.00
Newsflash: You Are Irrelevant!

11 Jan 2000

The Rabbit in Winter
Hef comes back with a bang

10 Jan 2000

Valerie Harper's Index
TV's Rhoda: Just the facts

7 Jan 2000

Infomercial 'Oscars!'
The Glitz! The Glamour! The $19.95 Gizmos!

6 Jan 2000

Hit & Run CCIX
Kenny's G spot, France falling, and hate mail we like

5 Jan 2000

Filler 01.05.00
Deadline Can Dance!

4 Jan 2000

Live and Let Die
Michael Apted's answer to the question of life: 42

3 Jan 2000

Shill Life
A brief history of cross-promotion

  Dec 1999

31 Dec 1999

The Suck 1000
Hip new daily comic strips

30 Dec 1999

The Suck 1000
Our modern tarot reading

29 Dec 1999

Filler 12.29.99
Put Your Best Footnote Forward!

28 Dec 1999

The New Biography
Put your best footnote forward

27 Dec 1999

The New Biography
Put your best footnote forward

24 Dec 1999

New to You!
Better living through reruns

23 Dec 1999

Hit & Run CCVIII
Laugh until you cough with Brown & Williamson, sing along with the Cartwrights, and more

22 Dec 1999

Filler 12.22.99
Holiday Sneer!

21 Dec 1999

Toy Story
Why all the hubbub at gift-getting season?

20 Dec 1999

Toons of Glory
New Yorker cartoons we hope to see

17 Dec 1999

Santa Feared Sleighn!
A Suck Insider Special Report

16 Dec 1999

Hit & Run CCVII
Christmas jeers, retch-a-sketch, and digital division

15 Dec 1999

Filler 12.15.99
Fake Mail Controversy!

14 Dec 1999

Gimme Gimme Gimme
California's Free Lunch banking plan

13 Dec 1999

Porn for Nerds. Stuff that Splatters

10 Dec 1999

Green Christmas
Season's e-Greetings from Suck.com

9 Dec 1999

Hit & Run CCVI

8 Dec 1999

Filler 12.08.99
Beware The Angry Little Squirrel!

7 Dec 1999

Battle Fatigue
Toe to toe with the WTO

6 Dec 1999

Norman Conquest
We always feel like somebody's watchin' Rockwell

3 Dec 1999

Most Excellent Rumors
Legends of Suck: A Primer

2 Dec 1999

Hit & Run CCV
The Great Web Whitewash, mall TV, Mother Love's crash diet, and more

1 Dec 1999

Filler 12.01.99
Message In A Bottle!

  Nov 1999

30 Nov 1999

Psychiatric Help, 5 Cents
Why, Charles Schulz, Why?

29 Nov 1999

Nam de Plume
Rewriting the Vietnam war, in crayon

24 Nov 1999

Filler 11.24.99
A Dr. Seuss Thanksgiving!

23 Nov 1999

Holy Roll
'True' believers in holy hot water

22 Nov 1999

Tuning Out
Radio killed the radio star

19 Nov 1999

Fourth Suckiversary
You won't toast us, so we'll toast ourselves

18 Nov 1999

Hit & Run CCIV
The Great Unread, Oski's accessories, game show madness, and Comdex doldrums

17 Nov 1999

Filler 11.17.99
Manage That Anger!

16 Nov 1999

Redmond Blues
"Jackson finds that his compan y ' s..."

15 Nov 1999

New to You!
Better living through reruns

12 Nov 1999

A Suck Insider Special Report

11 Nov 1999

Hit & Run CCIII
Cheaters never prosper, Shatner never dies, and Sweetness never stops winning

10 Nov 1999

Filler 11.10.99
L As In Loser!

9 Nov 1999

Sinners in the Hands of a Fickle Market
Five loaves, two fishes, and four tickets please

8 Nov 1999

Children of the Corn
Coming soon to a theater near you: Are Midwesterners dangerous rubes or just plain old rubes?

5 Nov 1999

The New Biography
Put your best footnote forward

4 Nov 1999

Hit & Run CCII
Religious strife, dateless wonders, dirty dogs, and more

3 Nov 1999

Filler 11.03.99
Dysfunctional Family Functions!

2 Nov 1999

Tip of the Eisenberg
The new model in Kid Power

1 Nov 1999

Self Sacrifice
Our thousand-year identity crisis

  Oct 1999

29 Oct 1999

History Is Bunco
What-if scenarios for the Whatever society

28 Oct 1999

Hit & Run CCI
Media shmedia, we're here for our shareholders!

27 Oct 1999

Filler 10.27.99
Mr. Flinchy FAQ!

26 Oct 1999

Microsoft Words 1.0
Debugging the dictionary wars

25 Oct 1999

A conversation with the last of the middlemen

22 Oct 1999

History Is Bunco
What-if scenarios for the Whatever society

21 Oct 1999

Hit & Run CC
Raving chess masters, soft-money hardbodies, and Potter rotters

20 Oct 1999

Filler 10.20.99
Cellular Breakdown!

19 Oct 1999

Long Live the King
We are all Jerry's Kids

18 Oct 1999

Manhattan Project
Digging up the subway series

15 Oct 1999

What's so good about feeling bad?

14 Oct 1999

Hit & Run CXCIX
What's up? Who's down? Why worry?

13 Oct 1999

Filler 10.13.99
Hey Recent Graduates!

12 Oct 1999

Good Grief
HeartMend asks, 'Death, where is thy sting?'

11 Oct 1999

Dr. Know
The decline of our general interest

8 Oct 1999

Break the Mold!
Ending typecasting as we know it

7 Oct 1999

Kids 'n' kredit, priceless Jewell, and dog slobber

6 Oct 1999

Filler 10.06.99
Team Crack!

5 Oct 1999

"America's moral decay pro b l e m..."

4 Oct 1999

Caveat Expert
Publish or, uh, publish

1 Oct 1999

None-Hit Wonder
Empty-handed with MP3

  Sep 1999

30 Sep 1999

Hit & Run CXCVII
Hip-hop rocks, Paytrust paydirt, and more

29 Sep 1999

Filler 09.29.99
Pop Psychology!

28 Sep 1999

Get Yer Ya-Yas Out
"Leader Trent Lott knows at lea s t..."

27 Sep 1999

La Cage Match Aux Folles
Straight men fight for their right to be fabulous

24 Sep 1999

Yankee Doodles
Jingling all the way to the White House

23 Sep 1999

Hit & Run CXCVI
Purdy goes ironic, we stick up for Jerry, and life is a movie

22 Sep 1999

Filler 09.22.99
Drink For Fun, Profit!

21 Sep 1999

A Cinderella story with a Grimm ending

20 Sep 1999

Kid Schlock
Today's youth: Still headed for trouble

17 Sep 1999

Land Yacht Fiesta!
Ford's new SUV packs on the pounds - and automotive chubby-chasers rejoice!

16 Sep 1999

Hit & Run CXCV
"Film Board's meg a - h i t..."

15 Sep 1999

Filler 09.15.99
You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

14 Sep 1999

Reverso Converso
Mistaken identity politics

13 Sep 1999

The Announcement
A Confession

10 Sep 1999

A Day at the Races
"Preakness Stakes day 15 May, f a n..."

9 Sep 1999

Hit & Run CXCIV
"Philadelphia, the de f a c t o..."

8 Sep 1999

Filler 09.08.99
The Bossman Cometh!

7 Sep 1999

It's in the Bag
Have bike-messenger gear, will exercise stock options

6 Sep 1999

Labor Pain
Suck's map of the Labor Movement

3 Sep 1999

New to You!
Better living through reruns

2 Sep 1999

Summer Reading
Break the spine of the Suck Book Club!

1 Sep 1999

Filler 09.01.99
Filler's Complete Guide To Complete Guides!

  Aug 1999

31 Aug 1999

The Medium is the Masseuse
Suck glad-hands its content-providing colleagues

30 Aug 1999

New to You!
Better living through reruns

27 Aug 1999

Fourth Suckiversary
You won't toast us, so we'll toast ourselves

26 Aug 1999

Hit & Run CXCIII
Blair Witch backlash, hamster spikes, Brady bull, and more

25 Aug 1999

Filler 08.25.99

24 Aug 1999

Are We Not Men?
Devolving the proper school curriculum

23 Aug 1999

Tommy Davidson Has Left the Building
"The Man Show, we har d l y..."

20 Aug 1999

Out of Eden
Linux passes the Finnish line

19 Aug 1999

Hit & Run CXCII
Indian Wars, Useless Aid, Lost Mail, and Killer Tomatoes

18 Aug 1999

Filler 08.18.99
Indier Than Thou!

17 Aug 1999

No Vacancy
Going on Holiday in the Land of Truth and Liberty

16 Aug 1999

I Got a Friend in Jesus
Identifying Christians

13 Aug 1999

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Sautéed Me
Further employment opportunities for supervillains

12 Aug 1999

Hit & Run CXCI
Exhuming the Exonicle, reviving Nixon, restraining Dave Matthews fans

11 Aug 1999

Filler 08.11.99
The Family Tools!

10 Aug 1999

Presidential Head Trips
And an inner child shall lead us

9 Aug 1999

Sex on the Fritz
Venus and Adonis give each other hand jobs

6 Aug 1999

Trade Rage
Pulling the trigger, executing trades, battling the Ax, and other Nasdaq atrocities

5 Aug 1999

Hit & Run CXC
"As the subtext of Mar k O ."

4 Aug 1999

Filler 08.04.99
The Joy Of Eavesdropping!

3 Aug 1999

Hooked on Bacchus
Be sure to tape my orgiastic frenzy from this angle

2 Aug 1999

Laying Off the Source
The Nature assumption falls flat

  Jul 1999

30 Jul 1999

Bauble Economy
You'll like the way you look in your eBay suit. I guarantee it

29 Jul 1999

Woodstock burns, Hooters bounces, AOL salutes

28 Jul 1999

Filler 07.28.99
The E-Venture Adventure!

27 Jul 1999

This Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
Is the new puppy love worth its weight in Scooby snacks?

26 Jul 1999

Ink Blot
"American comic books righ t n o w..."

23 Jul 1999

Escape from New York
Hillary and Rudy's Empire State squabble

22 Jul 1999

John-John in the drink, New Kids in the house, black and white on the desktop, and more

21 Jul 1999

Filler 07.21.99
Bad Reasons To Have Kids!

20 Jul 1999

Surprise Ending
Eschatology now

19 Jul 1999

Know Your Options
Suck's quiz for uncertain shareholders

16 Jul 1999

Song of Myself
The new age of custom songwriting

15 Jul 1999

A comedy how-to, an Oprah zine, a tough ticket, a stoned spider, and a cheap education

14 Jul 1999

Filler 07.14.99
More Pearls From The Swine!

13 Jul 1999

Wanking Towards Bethlehem
How can we protect the children?

12 Jul 1999

Someone should tell the czar
General Barry McCaffrey's sitcom-ready high jinks

9 Jul 1999

New Adventures in Critterdom
Aibo's litter of technopets

8 Jul 1999

Doggie Lojack, lethal flags, harsh realms, and other bad ideas

7 Jul 1999

Filler 07.07.99
Die Yuppie Scum!

6 Jul 1999

After the Gold Rush
Let's hear it for the Internet Thousandaires

5 Jul 1999

Scaling Mount Rushmore

2 Jul 1999

How To Judge A Man By His CD Collection
A Modern Woman's Guide to Dating in the Digital Age

1 Jul 1999

Hit & Run CLXXXV
Internet delusions, talking pets, killer tuna, plastic army men and other fakes in the news

  Jun 1999

30 Jun 1999

Filler 06.30.99
Losing My Religion!

29 Jun 1999

Host with the Most
It takes an Olympic village

28 Jun 1999

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postgay Man
Celebrating Gay Pride with a little old-fashioned shame

25 Jun 1999

Sudden Death Benefit
We cut the NBA down to size

24 Jun 1999

All bad news, all the time

23 Jun 1999

Filler 06.23.99
Time For More Reader Mail!

22 Jun 1999

Dateline: Fashion Front '99
Beyond the velvet ropes, the hues made a cry!

21 Jun 1999

Canned Heat
Don't let 'em take away the laughter

18 Jun 1999

Ten Years After: OJ Simpson, 2004
A futuristic, Juiceriffic anniversary!

17 Jun 1999

The Dead speak to Suck, journalism is dead on the Web, Ron Rosenbaum kills poseurs dead

16 Jun 1999

Filler 06.16.99
Indie Jones!

15 Jun 1999

Garbage in, Garbage in
Sometimes a dumpster is only a dumpster

14 Jun 1999

Big Hand on One
Swatch's new flick of the wrist

11 Jun 1999

Stop Making Census
The real Y2K problem

10 Jun 1999

More violent reactions, more Net news, more millions made, more shameless shills

9 Jun 1999

Filler 06.09.99
The Woman Issue!

8 Jun 1999

Tall Dollars Today
Fuck you money, fuck me money, fuck everybody money

7 Jun 1999

Eye on the Ball
Trying to stay awake with major league baseball

4 Jun 1999

Suck Goes to War!
One of our own joins up!

3 Jun 1999

Hit & Run CLXXXI
Killer webmasters, killer campaigns, killer music, and killer bees

2 Jun 1999

Filler 06.02.99
How Cynicism Happens!

1 Jun 1999

Guns and Butter
Overtaxing our all-purpose armed forces

  May 1999

31 May 1999

What'll You Have?
Draining the vein of Pabst Blue Ribbon

28 May 1999

All the World's a Rave
We cash in on Shakespeare chic

27 May 1999

Hit & Run CLXXX
Off-road proms, unpopular aliens, unbowed activists, and outlaw cops

26 May 1999

Filler 05.26.99
Negativity Unlimited!

25 May 1999

Positively Fourth Rate
We'd rather see Dylanologists paralyzed

24 May 1999

I'm Sorry You're Such an Asshole
All hail Mother Love!

21 May 1999

Ad It Up!
Does that banner yet wave?

20 May 1999

Hit & Run CLXXIX
Off-road proms, unpopular aliens, unbowed activists, and outlaw cops

19 May 1999

Filler 05.19.99
21st-Century Nightmares!

18 May 1999

It Takes a Village of the Damned
Protecting our sick, violent, depraved children

17 May 1999

Strip Search
Fighting for the Soul of Citizen Dog

14 May 1999

Menace II Society
Stop the schmendrick cleansing!

13 May 1999

Kurt Andersen plugged, X-ray glasses on your mug, AOLTV is the drug

12 May 1999

Filler 05.12.99
Meet The Mental Health Puppet Masters!

11 May 1999

Strictly for My Wigguz
No Fear of a White Rapper

10 May 1999

End of Regulation
US rolls back the Hockey Invasion

7 May 1999

Ratings Sweeper
Jack Valenti's wide-eyed wackiness

6 May 1999

Teen wars, spiked coffee, targeting Rosie, and well-hung Webmasters

5 May 1999

Filler 05.05.99
Happy Fillerversary!

4 May 1999

Tail of the Tape
ReplayTV's late arrival

3 May 1999

Slow Budget
The New, New, New Hollywood learns to stop on a dime

  Apr 1999

30 Apr 1999

Posse Prospects
Leo's hunt for a new Magic Man

29 Apr 1999

Hit & Run CLXXVI
"Maybe Netizens hav e s o m e..."

28 Apr 1999

Filler 04.28.99
The Long-Lost Acquainance: Why?

27 Apr 1999

Likely Story
Can the Salon IPO crown content king again?

26 Apr 1999

Dr. Death, Attorney at Law
Kevorkian, Mumia, Manson, and other foolish clients

23 Apr 1999

Bit Rot
A requiem for Nicholas Negroponte

22 Apr 1999

Hit & Run CLXXV
High school tragedy, TV-Free America, and Dilbert's lawyers

21 Apr 1999

Filler 04.21.99
Inquiring Minds!

20 Apr 1999

Operation Distant Thunder
If you have to actually wage war, have you already lost it?

19 Apr 1999

Single Bullet-Point Theory
Reading Timothy McVeigh's mail. Again

16 Apr 1999

Outside the Actor's Studio
The death of celebrity at the Bravo Network

15 Apr 1999

Hit & Run CLXXIV
Larry Ellison's elaborate practical joke, Johnny Hart's crabbed fundamentalism, and Suck's Enemies List

14 Apr 1999

Filler 04.14.99
It's Tax Time!

13 Apr 1999

Worm's-eye View
The problem with Web cams

12 Apr 1999

War Stories
The pros and cons of genocidal lunacy

9 Apr 1999

Stained-glass Window
The overwhelming compassion of J. D. Salinger

8 Apr 1999

Larry Ellison's elaborate practical joke, Johnny Hart's crabbed fundamentalism, and Suck's Enemies List

7 Apr 1999

Filler 04.07.99
Sympathy For The Devils!

6 Apr 1999

Nothing But Bombs
Express yourself, with explosives

5 Apr 1999

Long Live Rock?
Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Shame

2 Apr 1999

Great Expectations
...and why you should lower them

1 Apr 1999

Hit & Run CLXXII
'Honk Your Horn to Stop the Porn' and other modern travesties

  Mar 1999

31 Mar 1999

Filler 03.31.99
Bad Ideas, California Style!

30 Mar 1999

The Beat Goes Online
Part 2: Rock Around the Clock - The Aesthetics of MP3

29 Mar 1999

The Beat Goes Online
Part 1: MP3 Plugged - No One Plays for Free

26 Mar 1999

Flight of the Crybabies
A call for an end to airline humor

25 Mar 1999

Hit & Run CLXXI
Jerry Rubin 2.0, feeling The Independent Spirit, and the death of rock criticism

24 Mar 1999

Filler 03.24.99
Does Your Mother Know?

23 Mar 1999

Discovery Channel
Teletubbies vs. TeleChobis and other blood feuds

22 Mar 1999

Rat Pack
The snitch chic of Elia Kazan, Linda Tripp, and Christopher Hitchens

19 Mar 1999

The Celluloid Dunciad
How Retarded People Conquered Hollywood

18 Mar 1999

Hit & Run CLXX
Fall of the death cultists, talking sandwich fisticuffs, and election 2000 Web hi-jinks

17 Mar 1999

Filler 03.17.99
Fish! Hack! Back!

16 Mar 1999

Follow the Money
The next generation of e-commerce hucksterism

15 Mar 1999

Sex Crazy
Suck's single-handed reading of the Sex on TV study

12 Mar 1999

The Brave New World of high-tech toiletries

11 Mar 1999

Hit & Run CLXIX
More Amazon feedback, post-Ritalin cures for ADD, and Kubrick's posthumous legacy

10 Mar 1999

Filler 03.10.99
Wilty, Guilty!

9 Mar 1999

Crop the Presses!
Sorting the Top 100 Works of Journalism

8 Mar 1999

House Divided
The battle for the soul of the GOP and other nonsense

5 Mar 1999

Urban Hipsters
Little, Yellow, Different

4 Mar 1999

eBay's Achilles' heel, appleimac.com, Ebert's new partner, and the long arm of Suck

3 Mar 1999

Filler 03.03.99
Nice People Suck!

2 Mar 1999

Pay to Play
Toward a scandal-free Olympics

1 Mar 1999

Separation Anxiety
How to protect yourself from Cultural Marxism

  Feb 1999

26 Feb 1999

Virgin Territory
'Those who cannot do, preach.'

25 Feb 1999

Hit & Run CLXVII
Purple Moon's waxing and waning, Generation X poetry, and pregnant fellas

24 Feb 1999

Filler 02.24.99
More Mail!

23 Feb 1999

French Tickler
Why we love the French

22 Feb 1999

Cage Match
More brilliant ideas on deposing Saddam!

19 Feb 1999

Yawn At The Devil
Searching for Falwell's Jewish Antichrist

18 Feb 1999

Hit & Run CLXVI
Amazon.com goes Usenet, The Nation columnists wrastle, Clinton struggles for world peace, and Slate takes a price cut

17 Feb 1999

Filler 02.17.99
Time For More Hate Mail!

16 Feb 1999

Send Out the Clowns
Comedy is not pretty

15 Feb 1999

Scaling Mount Rushmore
A visual history of Presidents' Day

12 Feb 1999

Guilty as Charged
Reforming the world through Judge TV

11 Feb 1999

Hit & Run CLXV
Ron Jeremy stages the Starr Report, Broadway stages Charles Schulz, and Barry Diller stages a takeover

10 Feb 1999

Filler 02.10.99
Popular Mechanics!

9 Feb 1999

Tummy Trouble
When good food goes bad

8 Feb 1999

Fantastic Voyage
Schooling the Nintendo generation with The History Channel

5 Feb 1999

The new legalism: It's not just for jury duty anymore!

4 Feb 1999

Hit & Run CLXIV
Former child star sightings, the House of Satan, and Super Bowl Fiascoes

3 Feb 1999

Filler 02.03.99
How Bitterness Happens!

2 Feb 1999

Papal Bull
Pope John Paul II's rock-and-roll lifestyle

1 Feb 1999

When Activists Attack!
Where's the Symbionese Liberation Army when you need them?

  Jan 1999

29 Jan 1999

The Eternal Blame
Trace your problems back to the source!

28 Jan 1999

Hit & Run CLXIII
A date with Larry Ellison, Apple's Y2K bug, and Roger Ebert on labor

27 Jan 1999

Filler 01.27.99
Movies For The Enraged, The Bitter, And The Bored!

26 Jan 1999

Speech Therapy
The State of the Union remains unchanged

25 Jan 1999

Hot Copy
Remakes, sequels, cover tunes, and counterfeits

22 Jan 1999

British Disease
The cultural tyranny of Anglophilia

21 Jan 1999

Hit & Run CLXII
Sacred trinkets, butt cams, Nordic genes, and Republican rejoinders

20 Jan 1999

Filler 01.20.99
Creepless In Seattle!

19 Jan 1999

Grand Slam
Mike Tyson and the lost art of ass-kicking

18 Jan 1999

Law of the Jungle
New rules for 1999

15 Jan 1999

Bastard Out of Arkansas
Matt Drudge's last big scoop?

14 Jan 1999

Hit & Run CLXI
A Simple Song of Peace, Men of Steel Balls, Civil War Porn, and Drudge's folly

13 Jan 1999

Filler 01.13.99
We're Gonna Panic Like It's 1999!

12 Jan 1999

Feedback Loop
Kissing ass and faking names in the letters pages

11 Jan 1999

Rolling Blunder
Fighting the Vietnam War again as World War II again in Iraq

8 Jan 1999

Details, Details
Are you detail oriented or detail ignorant?

7 Jan 1999

Hit & Run CLX
Fat acceptance workshops, lethal hairbrushes, Ramadan greeting cards and other holiday gifts

6 Jan 1999

Filler 01.06.99
The Post-Holiday Grays!

5 Jan 1999

Blue to You
Explore the Post-Holiday Blues

4 Jan 1999

Man Handled
How Tom Wolfe and Details touched each other's manhood

  Dec 1998

30 Dec 1998

Filler 12.30.98
1998: The Year In Review!

29 Dec 1998

Year of the Rat
The baby-boom generation finally makes peace with their elders

28 Dec 1998

The New Vice Principle
Not been a good year for vice

23 Dec 1998

Filler 12.23.98
A Hack, A Fish, A Christmas Wish!

22 Dec 1998

Change Is Good
Making sense of the new $1 coin

21 Dec 1998

High Anxiety
Lifestyle journalism meets the The Wall Street Journal.

18 Dec 1998

Jingle Bell Schlock
An endless stream of Christmas dreck

17 Dec 1998

Hit & Run CLIX
Grading teachers, downgrading Oprah, parading luckless youth, and evading bizarre spam

16 Dec 1998

Filler 12.16.98
Suck's Po-Moetry Slam!

15 Dec 1998

Dissent of Man
Fertility goddess or hideously deformed cretin?

14 Dec 1998

Wall of Voodoo
Los Angeles: still threatened at all times from all sides

11 Dec 1998

Free Fall
Staging the coming financial apocalypse

10 Dec 1998

Hit & Run CLVIII
Without The New Yorker, The Times, and Salon, the world would be desolate and unfunny

8 Dec 1998

San Francisco Blackout!

7 Dec 1998

Culture Clash
The Honeymoon's Over: Post-merger diplomacy

4 Dec 1998

The Latest Scoop from the Arctic Runway

3 Dec 1998

Hit & Run CLVII
What 7th Heaven, the Unknown Comic, Time magazine and Ira Glass have in common

2 Dec 1998

Filler 12.02.98
The Demographically Undesirable!

1 Dec 1998

Ad Lib
Why Kevin Williamson pinched Miller Lite's Dick

  Nov 1998

30 Nov 1998

House Rules
New Economics for Outlaws

26 Nov 1998

Season's Beatings

25 Nov 1998

Filler 11.25.98
Hail To The Queens!

24 Nov 1998

Pile Driver
Ted Turner for President!

23 Nov 1998

Cap'n Credit Crunch
Investment tips for the mentally disabled

20 Nov 1998

Strangers On a Gravy Train
ABC Dials M for Motor Skills

19 Nov 1998

Hit & Run CLVI
"The Da y o f t h e..."

18 Nov 1998

Filler 11.18.98
Zoom For Generation Doom!

17 Nov 1998

Name of the Game
A rose by any other name, price negotiable

16 Nov 1998

All the Rage
Make crime pay from the comfort of your home!

13 Nov 1998

An Embarrassment of Riches
The hard-luck stories of celebrity superstars

12 Nov 1998

Hit & Run CLV
"Jimmy Carter and George Bu s h ,..."

11 Nov 1998

Filler 11.11.98
Beware! Bad Conversations Ahead!

10 Nov 1998

Attack of the Killer Shrews
The rise of the yenta

9 Nov 1998

Pest Control
Starring Woody Allen as the Year 2000 Bug

6 Nov 1998

Ad Infinitium
Attack ads you may have missed

5 Nov 1998

Hit & Run CLIV
"Ventura's surprise pile-dr i v i n g..."

4 Nov 1998

Filler 11.04.98
Go Suck An Egg!

3 Nov 1998

The Work of the People
Suck's Election Day tribute to humble beginnings

2 Nov 1998

Doctor Who?
Th US Surgeon General cuts us up

  Oct 1998

30 Oct 1998

Monster Mash
Suck's Halloween Creature Feature

29 Oct 1998

Hit & Run CLIII
"The New Yor k e r ' s..."

28 Oct 1998

Filler 10.28.98
Contempory Youth Widsom!

27 Oct 1998

Oedipus Wrecks
Kill your parents!

26 Oct 1998

The New Earnestness
Sincerity, intensity, passion, and other bummers

23 Oct 1998

Suck's Evil Genius Grants 1998

22 Oct 1998

Suck EGGs: Hal Hartley and Whit Stillman
Mannerist American Auteurs

21 Oct 1998

Filler 10.21.98
Civil Servant!

20 Oct 1998

Suck EGGs: Neve Campbell
Tiny Tears

19 Oct 1998

Suck EGGs: Ira Glass
A New Face For Radio

16 Oct 1998

Suck EGGs: Michael Lind and David Horowitz
Retrofitted Pundits

15 Oct 1998

Suck EGGs: Greil Marcus
The Nutty Professor

14 Oct 1998

Filler 10.14.98
The Cereal Killer!

13 Oct 1998

Suck EGGs: Beastie Boys
Born-Again Bozos

12 Oct 1998

Suck EGGs: ABC's This Week Gang
Our National Embarrassments

9 Oct 1998

Members Only
The Decade of the Penis

8 Oct 1998

Hit & Run CLII
Global recessions, local depressions, and tawdry confessions

7 Oct 1998

Filler 10.07.98
Global Recessions, Local Depressions, And Tawdry Confessions!

6 Oct 1998

Flesh Trade
Gambling on the Washington, D.C. scandal market

5 Oct 1998

Enhanced Performance
"McGwire's underwhelmi n g 6 2 n d..."

2 Oct 1998

Having Trouble Coping? Again?
The cure for all your psychological problems

1 Oct 1998

Hit & Run CLI
"This week's announcem e n t b y..."

  Sep 1998

30 Sep 1998

Filler 09.30.98
High School Reunion Status!

29 Sep 1998

Leader of the Packaging
Marilyn Manson's marketing mechanics

28 Sep 1998

Space Oddity
Wiping John Glenn off the face of the planet

25 Sep 1998

Why We Didn't Run the Henry Hyde Story
Suck's ethics put to the test

24 Sep 1998

Hit & Run CL
"World Service radio broadc a s t s..."

23 Sep 1998

Filler 09.23.98
The Sound Bite And Fury!

22 Sep 1998

Clown Act
Reinventing government, one balloon animal at a time

21 Sep 1998

Mondo Porno
A picture is worth a thousand OIC footnotes

18 Sep 1998

Starrmark Cards
When you care enough to send the very best!

17 Sep 1998

Hit & Run CXLIX
"House's secret-sp i l l i n g..."

16 Sep 1998

Filler 09.16.98
The Virtual Buddy!

15 Sep 1998

Dire Wolff
Internet megafailure Michael Wolff's scorched earth slapstick

14 Sep 1998

Going Postal
The US Postal Service's unconditional surrender

11 Sep 1998

Kaiser on the Set
Ruling Hollywood with an iron fist, '98-style

10 Sep 1998

"The Toron t o S t a r..."

9 Sep 1998

Filler 09.09.98
Trivial Therapy!

8 Sep 1998

The Killer Inside Me
Don't feed the flesh-eating bacteria!

7 Sep 1998

Labor Pain
Suck's map of the Labor Movement

4 Sep 1998

Royal Flush
Choosing the next People's Princess

3 Sep 1998

Hit & Run CXLVII
"Yeltsin-Clinton summit th e ' W h y..."

2 Sep 1998

Filler 09.02.98
Get The Facts. Get The Statistic-O-Matic!

1 Sep 1998

Girls Against Boys
The Cold War may be over, but the Cold Shoulder persists

  Aug 1998

31 Aug 1998

Taming of the Shrew
How to buy yourself onto Matt Drudge's good side

28 Aug 1998

It Is, Indeed, the End of the World
The rejection letters of Judy Blume

27 Aug 1998

Hit & Run CXLVI
"Drudge's greatest triump h h a v e..."

26 Aug 1998

Filler 08.26.98
Suck's 3rd Anniversary!

25 Aug 1998

Summary Judgment
Drive-through windows for the opinion-challenged

24 Aug 1998

Reality Plus
Reminiscent of the real thing!

21 Aug 1998

Idiot Gate '98
Suck's last word on the Clinton nightmare

20 Aug 1998

Hit & Run CXLV
"Clinton. We were counting on o n e..."

19 Aug 1998

Filler 08.19.98
Low-Level Jobs To Avoid!

18 Aug 1998

Walking Tall
Why does the world hate the U.S. so much?

17 Aug 1998

The New You!
Tips and tricks for your post-slacker lifestyle

14 Aug 1998

Off the Charts
Diagnosing the modern magazine chart epidemic

13 Aug 1998

Hit & Run CXLIV

12 Aug 1998

Filler 08.12.98
Movie Reviews And Their Spoils!

11 Aug 1998

Baby Grand
Collapsing the predictions of a Beanie Babies bust

10 Aug 1998

Back Storytelling
The New York Times helped Hitler escape justice?

7 Aug 1998

Seasick Part Two Postponed
Disaster strikes the maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Suckster

6 Aug 1998

Hit & Run CXLIII
"America, there's not much m o r e..."

5 Aug 1998

Filler 08.05.98
Out Of Style!

4 Aug 1998

Unsafety First
Ralph Nader's wild sense of humor

3 Aug 1998

Breast of Burden
Lara Croft's huge headlights and heavy artillery

  Jul 1998

31 Jul 1998

Seasick Part One
Suck stows away for the next wave of cruise journalism

30 Jul 1998

Hit & Run CXLII

29 Jul 1998

Filler 07.29.98
International Flan Of Mystery!

28 Jul 1998

Mondo Cannes
"Sharky's Machine stu n t m a n..."

27 Jul 1998

Mind Games
It's time to stop the healing

24 Jul 1998

Beat the Press
The true story behind myfirsttime.com

23 Jul 1998

Hit & Run CXLI
"Francisco. But don ' t g e t..."

22 Jul 1998

Filler 07.22.98
From Child Actor To Junkie Prostitute!

21 Jul 1998

Taboo Who?
"French perfected the a r t o f..."

20 Jul 1998

Finger Painting
"Los Angeles Times li s t o f..."

17 Jul 1998

Rhyme and Reason
The lost TV theme songs

16 Jul 1998

Hit & Run CXL
"Diane and Mike are the virgin a l..."

15 Jul 1998

Filler 07.15.98
Governor Moonbeam Shines The New Yorker!

14 Jul 1998

Trimming the Hegemony
"Sheila Copps invited collea g u e s..."

13 Jul 1998

EZ-Bake Oven
"Warrior, has gone on to a ne w..."

10 Jul 1998

Echo Chamber
"George Chauncey should have s e e n..."

9 Jul 1998

Hit & Run CXXXIX
"Roy Rogers fo r a f e w..."

8 Jul 1998

Filler 07.08.98
Distractions Are A Warm Puppy!

7 Jul 1998

Class Struggle
"Cambridge Library's edit i o n o f..."

6 Jul 1998

Dew X Machina
"But while each sun-bloc k e d ,..."

3 Jul 1998

Independent Clause
In case you forgot to shut off your computer

2 Jul 1998


1 Jul 1998

Filler 07.01.98
Recycled Filler!

  Jun 1998

30 Jun 1998

Lump Sums
Big Charity gets off the dime

29 Jun 1998

Nerve Damage
Government versus Media: Which discredited entity to believe?

26 Jun 1998

New to You!
Better living through reruns

25 Jun 1998

"Right on all counts , b u t..."

24 Jun 1998

Filler 06.24.98
Filler's Summer Movies Spectacular!

23 Jun 1998

Convergence Theory
"Follow the m o n e y ?..."

22 Jun 1998

My Life as a Has-Been
"Danny Bonaduce was ab l e t o..."

19 Jun 1998

Crash Course
Cartoon crashes vs. Cartoonist crashes

18 Jun 1998

Hit & Run CXXXVI
"Co n t e n t a s..."

17 Jun 1998

Filler 06.17.98
Must Sell Idiocy!

16 Jun 1998

Manifest Destiny
"Barneys (New York) to do a window display..."

15 Jun 1998

Brown Bag
Governor Moonbeam shines

12 Jun 1998

Dancing Baby Boom
The hard life and troubled times of the Dancing Baby

11 Jun 1998

Hit & Run CXXXV
"Thailand, Samart Phakphu m , t h e..."

10 Jun 1998

Filler 06.10.98
Meet The Inaction Heroes!

9 Jun 1998

Two for the Road
An Expert's Guide to Drunk Driving

8 Jun 1998

I Am the Cheese
The Media Monopoly presents The Truman Show

5 Jun 1998

Gear and Clothing in Las Vegas
Gonzo journalism, '90s-style

4 Jun 1998

Hit & Run CXXXIV
"Lewinsky family, af t e r a n..."

3 Jun 1998

Filler 06.03.98
Hate Mail!

2 Jun 1998

A Modest Disposal
Arm the children!

1 Jun 1998

White Man's Bulworth
"Billington Bulworth, shut t e r e d..."

  May 1998

29 May 1998

Is That Justice?
Hollywood lawyers meet the real world, hilarity ensues

28 May 1998

DC crack-smokers, Indonesian flame wars, erotic amputation, and Chex Quest

27 May 1998

Filler 05.27.98
Much Filler About Nothing!

26 May 1998

Stranger Than Fiction
Stephen Glass and the New Fiction

25 May 1998

Memorial Day
Didju bbq?

22 May 1998

Endsville Postponed
What if Frank Sinatra had lived?

21 May 1998

Hit & Run CXXXII
Microsoft's 'little joke,' fading teen idolhood, Zap's money and The Nuge's mea

20 May 1998

Filler 05.20.98
Save The Endangered Species!

19 May 1998

Bad Vibes
The negativity renaissance

18 May 1998

The Sleepsons
The future of Matt Groening

15 May 1998

Nothing Lasts Forever
Mr. Seinfeld, he dead

14 May 1998

Hit & Run CXXXI
The pride of The New Republic, Libby Dole's pole vault, and Jerry Springer 2.0

13 May 1998

Filler 05.13.98
8th Graders Smoke Crack!

12 May 1998

Road Rage
Mergermania in the Fatherland

11 May 1998

Short Shrift
Howard Stern's dwarf bowling

8 May 1998

Overprofes-sionalism: Fear It
A terrible affliction

7 May 1998

Hit & Run CXXX
Barnyard Special: Washington weasels, two-headed pigs, laughing rats, and media octopi

6 May 1998

Filler 05.06.98
Happy Fillerversary!

5 May 1998

King of the Hill
A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll

4 May 1998

Wake-up Call
The unofficial symbol of the Internet

1 May 1998

Family Jewels
May Is National Masturbation Month!

  Apr 1998

30 Apr 1998

Hit & Run CXXIX
Dwarves, Disney, dreams, drones and dreck

29 Apr 1998

Filler 04.29.98
The Truth About Dogs And Dumb People!

28 Apr 1998

Low Turnout
Lead us not into syndication

27 Apr 1998

Toxic Shock
Microsoft's elaborate, unusual manipulations

24 Apr 1998

Springer Fever
The Jerry Springer Show gets a makeover

23 Apr 1998

Hit Men, Newton Boys, Seinfeld, Superman, and Iran

22 Apr 1998

Filler 04.22.98
Are You Pretentious?

21 Apr 1998

Wrong Answer
Realist art trash death metal exploitation

20 Apr 1998

Morality Play
Dope, dictators, and driver's ed

17 Apr 1998

'Dumbing Down': The evidence

16 Apr 1998

Hit & Run CXXVII
Seinfeld's new job, Amelio's old job, Michael's slob job, and 60 Minute's snow job

15 Apr 1998

Filler 04.15.98
Guide To Wise Investing!

14 Apr 1998

Face Value
Rearranging the faces of Mars, stars, and czars

13 Apr 1998

Naked Eye
Lust happens

10 Apr 1998

Soundbite Autopsy
The most challenging assignment of Kathy Ireland's career

9 Apr 1998

Hit & Run CXXVI
South Park PR, Titanic II, and CitySearch

8 Apr 1998

Filler 04.08.98
C'est Chic!

7 Apr 1998

Déjà Voodoo
Advertising: Your worst nightmare?

6 Apr 1998

Heart of Darkness
See you at AfroDisney!

3 Apr 1998

Smoke Out
High times, low concept

2 Apr 1998

Hit & Run CXXV
Kids Who Kill, lifestyles primers, Salomon sexcapades, and Suck.com in the house!

1 Apr 1998

Filler 04.01.98
Everybody Hurts!

  Mar 1998

31 Mar 1998

Clothes Minded
Outfitting Generation Next

30 Mar 1998

Faux Pas
Sorry 'bout that, Mr. President

27 Mar 1998

Me and My Shadow of Irony
The Baffler Boys Hoax Harper's

26 Mar 1998

Hit & Run CXXIV
Titanic's wet dream, Jack Stanton, Bill Clinton, and a bottle of Pepcid

25 Mar 1998

Filler 03.25.98
Filler's History Of Human Knowledge!

24 Mar 1998

Those Darn Scientists!
Postmodernists hoist the black flag of anarchy

23 Mar 1998

Upstart Microsoft
Microsoft strategy circa 2003

20 Mar 1998

Vote Celebrity
Hollywood-on-the-Potomac cashes in

19 Mar 1998

Hit & Run CXXIII
Cadaver Chic, Gates' new bludgeon, and TechnoAmway

18 Mar 1998

Filler 03.18.98
You Don't Send Steve Jobs Flowers Anymore?

17 Mar 1998

Err Travel
Business class, behind The Times

16 Mar 1998

TV Is God
"McCarthy's gassy unAme r i c a n..."

13 Mar 1998

New Girl Order
"The revolution won't be wear i n g..."

12 Mar 1998

Hit & Run CXXII
"Continuing the brave m a r c h..."

11 Mar 1998

Filler 03.11.98
Celebrating The Empty Coolness Of Youth!

10 Mar 1998

Tuning Fork
US Army topples Chumbawamba, film at 11

9 Mar 1998

Identity Crisis
Spam: You are what you eat?

6 Mar 1998

The Complete and Unabridged Illustrated Encyclopedia of Friendship

5 Mar 1998

Hit & Run CXXI
Copyrighting crime, Jim Rose on People's Court, and corporate logo tattoos

4 Mar 1998

Filler 03.04.98
Origin Of The Species!

3 Mar 1998

Hanging Judge
'Mom, what's oral sex?'

2 Mar 1998

Gas Mask
The vast Gulf between threat and menace

  Feb 1998

27 Feb 1998

A cable channel for a mad, mad world

26 Feb 1998

Hit & Run CXX
Big Blue tumors, CBS blunders, and the friction-free future

25 Feb 1998

Filler 02.25.98
The Joy Of Hate Mail!

24 Feb 1998

Office Despot
The trouble with The Trouble With Dilbert

23 Feb 1998

Inversion of Privacy
The pornography of family values

20 Feb 1998

New from the J. Suckerman Catalogue
The Silver Screen Collection, Spring 1998

19 Feb 1998

Hit & Run CXIX
Filtering ads, porn, and C-SPAN

18 Feb 1998

Filler 02.18.98
Play Match Game '98!

17 Feb 1998

Heavy Medal
Smoking the gold in Nagano

16 Feb 1998

If I Only Had a Brain
Natrificial's The Brain: Mental as anything

13 Feb 1998

Technicolor Yawn
Primary Colors, shaded

12 Feb 1998

Hit & Run CXVIII
Six Degrees of Monica, gaydar, and the Psychic Friends

11 Feb 1998

Filler 02.11.98
More Men And Women To Avoid!

10 Feb 1998

Nasty Habits
The Sorcerer's Apprentice mops the web's filth

9 Feb 1998

Minor Threat
The Bully of Baghdad's '98 Tour

6 Feb 1998

Enhance Your Communication Skills
Why bother walking the walk when you can talk the talk?

5 Feb 1998

Hit & Run CXVII
Death of Spy, the birth of Persian Kitty, and the value of words

4 Feb 1998

Filler 02.04.98
Interested In Getting Laid?

3 Feb 1998

Believe It or Not
Flogging Wag the Dog

2 Feb 1998

Finding the bug in the auto industry's soup

  Jan 1998

30 Jan 1998

Bowled Over
Suck reviews the ads of Super Bowl XXXII

29 Jan 1998

Hit & Run CXVI
Monicas we have known and loved, NASA, and Variety's 'slanguage.'

28 Jan 1998

Filler 01.28.98
An Episode Of Filler You'll Never Forget!

27 Jan 1998

Past Out
Gray Lady battles senility, loses

26 Jan 1998

Textual Conduct
Semen, semiotics, and Clinton's boxers

23 Jan 1998

Vodka on Ice
Robert Downey Jr.'s prison manifesto

22 Jan 1998

Hit & Run CXV
Oprah has a cow, Texas arms its parish, and Sundance smells the Love

21 Jan 1998

Filler 01.21.98
The New Media Office Stumbles On...

20 Jan 1998

Shameless Dread
Kicking and screaming into the next millennium

19 Jan 1998

Vox Potuli
If you don't cough, you don't get off

16 Jan 1998

Set for Stun
Stimulated emissions at the laserium

15 Jan 1998

Hit & Run CXIV
Time, the Times, J. Peterman, and suicide

14 Jan 1998

Filler 01.14.98
It's That Time Of Year Again!

13 Jan 1998

Right to Kill
Ted Kaczynski's command performance

12 Jan 1998

Résumé Fodder
How not to edit your life story

9 Jan 1998

Tarantino and Scorcese plug Bond

8 Jan 1998

Hit & Run CXIII
Copy-cat killer trees, priapism, eyepopping punishment

7 Jan 1998

Filler 01.07.98
Depression: The Post-Holiday Blues!

6 Jan 1998

The Nth Degree
The worst word of an era

5 Jan 1998

Larger Than Life
Big laffs, big meals, big bang

2 Jan 1998

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

1 Jan 1998

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

  Dec 1997

31 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

30 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

29 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

26 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

25 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

24 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

23 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

22 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

19 Dec 1997

How To Buy Suck
The best-case scenario

18 Dec 1997

Hit & Run CXII
Ads in ATMs. Ads in toilets. ATMs in toilets?

17 Dec 1997

Filler 12.17.97
Are You On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown?

16 Dec 1997

That's Not Funny
Prison rape and wife-beating

15 Dec 1997

The Good Book
The greatest story ever told

12 Dec 1997

Write what you know!

11 Dec 1997

Hit & Run CXI
Pop-Up imbroglios and fruitless browsing

10 Dec 1997

Filler 12.10.97
The Booby Myth!

9 Dec 1997

The Way We Weren't
Everything old is old again

8 Dec 1997

Caveat Emptor
Politics in the marketing era

5 Dec 1997

Are You Getting Old?
Watch for the tell-tale signs

4 Dec 1997

Hit & Run CX
Sex, death, and bad breath

3 Dec 1997

Filler 12.03.97
Handling The Classic Dilemma Of Killing Off A Character!

2 Dec 1997

Shut Up and Kiss Me
Lap dances with wolves

1 Dec 1997

Monster Mash
Molecular Biology for Dummies

  Nov 1997

26 Nov 1997

Filler 11.26.97
Apocalypse Now!

25 Nov 1997

Near-Death Experience
Who says Suck is 'over?'

24 Nov 1997

News Above the Title
Shut up and kiss me

21 Nov 1997

Skin-deep Thoughts
Esquire speaks Christy Turlington's mind...

20 Nov 1997

Hit & Run CIX
What are you waiting for? Buy the Suck book

19 Nov 1997

Filler 11.19.97
Proof That Kids Today Are Increasingly Stupid And Lazy!

18 Nov 1997

Gettin' the Vanguard
Where do tech magazines go from here?

17 Nov 1997

Ars Attacks
Weary of Gehry

14 Nov 1997

Still Crazy After All These Weeks
Paranoid and adroit

13 Nov 1997

Hit & Run CVIII
"It wouldn't be a clich&eacu t e ;..."

12 Nov 1997

Filler 11.12.97
Can You Play 'Guessing At Science'?

11 Nov 1997

Critical Mask
Running out of ideology

10 Nov 1997

Ad It Up
Da-da da da

7 Nov 1997

The Suck School of Comic Art
Terry did this all by himself!

6 Nov 1997

Hit & Run CVII
Greed, greed, and more greed: money and news in the news

5 Nov 1997

Filler 11.05.97
Suck Cultural Studies!

4 Nov 1997

Lover's Quarrel
Two markets beat as one

3 Nov 1997

Devil in the Details
What makes the dumb extremely dumb

  Oct 1997

31 Oct 1997

Devil in the Details
What makes the merely dumb extremely dumb?

30 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CVI
Frank Sinatra is not dead - this and more breaking news

29 Oct 1997

Filler 10.29.97
Nostalgia: Cure For Millennial Angst!

28 Oct 1997

You Will Be Tested on This
Filling in the blanks on standardized testing

27 Oct 1997

No Guarantee of Future Results
Financial planning without a net

24 Oct 1997

Stupid Like a Fox
And a little dummy shall lead them

23 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CV
Decoding Spy and daring Signal to Noise

22 Oct 1997

Filler 10.22.97
Learn How To Cultivate A Punk-Rock Sense Of Irony!

21 Oct 1997

Trust No One
Loyal followers fall behind

20 Oct 1997

If You Can Get It
Working doesn't

17 Oct 1997

Who's Sorry Now?
Suck apologizes for contrition chic

16 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CIV
Breaking Egg, being Frank: magazine launches

15 Oct 1997

Filler 10.15.97
Another Bad Cartoon About Bad Essays About Bad Memoirs!

14 Oct 1997

I Don't
Marriage is for suckers

13 Oct 1997

A Fan's Footnotes
Popping Pop-Up Video

10 Oct 1997

The Gospel According to Luke
Bullies are bad

9 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CIII
The first $1.2 million is the easiest, and other net.truths

8 Oct 1997

Filler 10.08.97
See The Future Of Computing!

7 Oct 1997

Luxe Populi
Fall fashion spread

6 Oct 1997

News of the Weak
A Suckperiment in media

3 Oct 1997

The Suck School of Comedy
How to be funny: we're serious

2 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CII
A Marv Albert - Billy Graham - Catholic League threesome

1 Oct 1997

Filler 10.01.97
Are You Depressed?

  Sep 1997

30 Sep 1997

Small Is Beautiful?
Nano, nano: thinking inside a very small box

29 Sep 1997

Smile, You Son of a Bitch

26 Sep 1997

Code Red-Faced
Doing the media's Drudge work

25 Sep 1997

Hit & Run CI
The more things change, the more they get the same

24 Sep 1997

Filler 09.24.97
Newsflash: Poor Are Thriving!

23 Sep 1997

Miss Judged
Uncovering Miss America

22 Sep 1997

Say It Ain't So
Truth is dead

19 Sep 1997

Are You in a Meeting? How to tell.
Suck goes to work

18 Sep 1997

Hit & Run C
Suck is sorry in Hit and Run

17 Sep 1997

Filler 09.17.97
El Nino Or El Guapo?

16 Sep 1997

Pleased to Meat You
Eating vegetarians

15 Sep 1997

The Pitch: F!
The Funeral Channel

12 Sep 1997

All That Is Solid Melts into Air
Suction, please: Suck dissects The Operation

11 Sep 1997

Hit & Run XCIX
Below the Beltway: Hit and Run's Washington edition

10 Sep 1997

Filler 09.10.97
Birdshit By Birdshit...

9 Sep 1997

In the Lyne of Pale Fire
Lolita gets dumped

8 Sep 1997

Royal Icing
The press and the princess's tragedy of manners

5 Sep 1997

You Can't Go Home Again
The best Suck, no, really

4 Sep 1997

Hit and Run One
"We've been running (or re-running) this collection..."

3 Sep 1997

Filler 09.03.97
What Is This Thing We Call 'Filler'?

2 Sep 1997

Fire This Time
Revisiting Burning Man

1 Sep 1997

Consummate Suck
The best Sucks: What you've been missing

  Aug 1997

29 Aug 1997

Hacking Your Life Away
The Suck guide to writing for online magazines

28 Aug 1997

Hit & Run XCVIII
You ought not to be in pictures: Quentin Tarantino and tobacco

27 Aug 1997

Filler 08.27.97
The Hack Is Back, In Black!

26 Aug 1997

Rolling Papers
Alternative to what? Weaklies

25 Aug 1997

In Harmony's Way
Don't you want to be white like me?

22 Aug 1997

What... Me Funny?
Does Mad 2.0 mean that Alfred E. is new, man?

21 Aug 1997

Hit & Run XCVII
Have you believed it? Spinning tales about Mr. K, Special K, and OK

20 Aug 1997

Filler 08.20.97
Reader Response Filler!

19 Aug 1997

He's Lying
TV is good

18 Aug 1997

Brand Extortion
The author of the Vonnegut hoax steps forward

15 Aug 1997

Apple and Microsoft
A fable

14 Aug 1997

Hit & Run XCVI
You know - for kids! Feeling good about feeling good and other media news

13 Aug 1997

Filler 08.13.97
More Revolting News!

12 Aug 1997

Go Tell It on the Mountain
Why did you read it? Because it was there

11 Aug 1997

Ne'errative Do Well
Formlessness follows function

8 Aug 1997

Strange Daze
The 'in' is found from way out

7 Aug 1997

Hit & Run XCV
The passing of windbags: Burroughs, Beavis and Butt-head, RIP

6 Aug 1997

Filler 08.06.97
Find Out Why Steven Johnson Of Feed Is The Sexiest Thing About Any Webzine!

5 Aug 1997

Some Jingle-Jangle Morning
Advertisements for themselves

4 Aug 1997

A Few Good Unmentionables
Foxholes and feminism

1 Aug 1997

Self-destruction Books
Eat less, weigh more!

  Jul 1997

31 Jul 1997

Hit & Run XCIV
Just Sein No: The New York Review of Books and Limbaugh's better half give us reason to abstain

30 Jul 1997

Filler 07.30.97
Get Your Own Full-Color T. Jay Calendar!

29 Jul 1997

The Sheltering Sky
It's a mall world

28 Jul 1997

Great Expectations
Is literature worth its wait?

25 Jul 1997

Kill 'Em All
Ask not for whom the head bangs, it bangs for thee

24 Jul 1997

Hit & Run XCIII
Skin and bones: Miss America and fishing fallout make the news

23 Jul 1997

Filler 07.23.97
A Narrative, Which Is Like A Longish Cartoon That's Less Pointless Than Usual, But Not Much!

22 Jul 1997

The Uses of Enchantment
Sex and violence for the kid in you

21 Jul 1997

All Tomorrowland's Parties
Slipping you a Mickey

18 Jul 1997

Are you in a cult, or just Canadian?

17 Jul 1997

Hit & Run XCII
Media missteps and infotainment ironies

16 Jul 1997

Filler 07.16.97
The Mother White Meat: A Mother's Guide To Gansta Speak!

15 Jul 1997

Phone Home
One alienation under God...

14 Jul 1997

Doesn't Hurt Me a Bit
Pitching Woo

11 Jul 1997

You can judge a society by the way it techs its prisoners

10 Jul 1997

Hit & Run XCI
A bad case of Nerve and a bad rap: Media mogulese

9 Jul 1997

Filler 07.09.97
Mothers Who Don't Think!

8 Jul 1997

It isn't just for breakfast anymore

7 Jul 1997

My Own Private 'I Dunno'
Keeping secrets in the information age

4 Jul 1997

Wars of Northern
Canada, again

3 Jul 1997

Enlightened Self-Disinterest
Celebrating Indifference Day!

2 Jul 1997

Filler 07.02.97
It's That Time Of Year Again! Stay Tuned For Suckdependence Day 2!

1 Jul 1997

Stations of the Dross
St. Nixon and the passion of Elvis

  Jun 1997

30 Jun 1997

The Monkeys Spank Back
Just when you thought it was safe to have a penis...

27 Jun 1997

La Dolce Viacom
Cradle-to-grave marketing at Chicago's newest superstore

26 Jun 1997

Hit & Run XC
All the news that's fit to crib

25 Jun 1997

Filler 06.25.97
Rich People, Tori Spelling, And Roaches!

24 Jun 1997

The Bull Jar
Those who can't write, author

23 Jun 1997

It's no context

20 Jun 1997

Watching the Directives
Just a coincidence? Well, yeah

19 Jun 1997

Hit & Run LXXXIX
Tiger chases his own tail and Wired licks it: Media malaprops

18 Jun 1997

Filler 06.18.97
Play The New Media Investment Adventure Game!

17 Jun 1997

Cult Classic
A trend of epic proportions: Why we're hooked on classics

16 Jun 1997

Dwelling Machine, Sweet Dwelling Machine
Home is where the state of the art is

13 Jun 1997

Mat Dancing
Is wrestling ready for the center ring?

12 Jun 1997

Seeing Double: Kotex.com and other imitators

11 Jun 1997

Filler 06.11.97
Fight Family Values Tooth And Nail, With The Strife Channel!

10 Jun 1997

Here's a Little Tip
We're living in a penal colony

9 Jun 1997

Loaded with Options

6 Jun 1997

Business Plans for Dummies
It's not what you know, it's what you don't

5 Jun 1997

Selling out and making a killing

4 Jun 1997

Filler 06.04.97
Oh, The Urban Humanity!

3 Jun 1997

A Bad Case of Midrash
Finding the fly in the topical ointment

2 Jun 1997

Where Do You Want to Eat Today?
The Golden Arches rule

  May 1997

30 May 1997

Machine to the Slave
Fear of a Deep Blue planet

29 May 1997

Hit & Run LXXXVI
The year's most inriguing people! The 10 hotestmutual funds! Wat your doctor isn't telling you about HMOs!

28 May 1997

Filler 05.28.97
Why Being Young And Hip Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry!

27 May 1997

Fit to be Tie-Dyed
The net as group hug

26 May 1997

Memorial Day
Getting out of the office for a change

23 May 1997

Over the Hump
Is my neighbor living with a sex doll?

22 May 1997

Hit & Run LXXXV
WB goes after whitey, crack (story) is whack

21 May 1997

Filler 05.21.97
Urban Hipster Mantras: Find Your Inner Poseur!

20 May 1997

Making Book
Are books on the Web a license to print money?

19 May 1997

Out to Pasture
Jerry Springer's lesson for the masses

16 May 1997

Good Spots
Athletes and their supporters

15 May 1997

Hit & Run LXXXIV
All the Presidents' mein, and who's leading the way

14 May 1997

Filler 05.14.97
The Fish! The Hack! They're Back!

13 May 1997

Faking the News
Unspinning control

12 May 1997

Wars of Northern Aggression
Why we hate Canada

9 May 1997

Awaken the Pliant Within
Awaken the Pliant Within: Anthony Robbins' super plastic ego elastic

8 May 1997

The high proce of giving, kicking back

7 May 1997

Filler 05.07.97
Celebrate One Full Year Of Fulfilling Filler, In Filler!

6 May 1997

History as catalog, the news is fetish

5 May 1997

Richard the Fourth
Like a Virgin: Richard Branson is England

2 May 1997

Straight, Gay, or Binary?
Yep, he's gay: Hal comes out

1 May 1997

Hit & Run LXXXII
Border (tag) disputes at Zine2000, the Republic of Texas

  Apr 1997

30 Apr 1997

Filler 04.30.97
Exploring Crime And Punishment... In Filler!

29 Apr 1997

A Very Palpable Hit
By and By is easily said: Everyone's a trendspotter

28 Apr 1997

Come Again
Many Happy Returns: The high price of customer loyalty

25 Apr 1997

The Need for Screed
Rant on: Why do so many feel the need for screed?

24 Apr 1997

Hit & Run LXXXI
Smoke 'em if you got 'em: Cig settlements and burning newspapers

23 Apr 1997

Filler 04.23.97
Translate Your New Media Job Into Its Real-World Equivalent!

22 Apr 1997

Repeat the Ending
The same old saw: A gen-X revival

21 Apr 1997

Rerunning on Empty
History is a rerun from which we are trying to awake

18 Apr 1997

Single Bullet-Point Theory
Reading Timothy McVeigh's mail

17 Apr 1997

Hit & Run LXXX
Sex, violence, and oh yeah, crack: What passes for news in Hit and Run

16 Apr 1997

Filler 04.16.97
Unemployment: More Fun Than A Barrel Of Junkies!

15 Apr 1997

Stop the Presses
Obsolescence could be the best thing that's ever happened to books

14 Apr 1997

Second Semester Madness
Grading the Final Four: Figuring the calculus of school rankings

11 Apr 1997

Custer's Last Hand
Indian Gaming is the red man's revenge

10 Apr 1997

Hit & Run LXXIX
Fiona Giles' Dick for a Day, Bob Guccione is just a dick - media porn in Hit and Run

9 Apr 1997

Filler 04.09.97
Witness The Heaven's Gate Hype-O-Rama-Thon!

8 Apr 1997

Harmful Additives
Harmful Additives: Where does the content begin?

7 Apr 1997

Auteur, Auteur
Sling Blas&ecute;: Catching up with cultural ambulance chasing

4 Apr 1997

Agnostic Front
The Archons Win Again: The alienation of know-nothing gnostics

3 Apr 1997

Death and hacks: Higher Source: The movies, The Official Alien Abuductee's Handboo, and April Fish

2 Apr 1997

Filler 04.02.97
Stupid? Need A Job? Careers For Dummies!

1 Apr 1997


  Mar 1997

31 Mar 1997

King of All Minstrels
King of All Minstrels: Howard Stern's white face

28 Mar 1997

The Unheimlich Manuever
Mark Dery travels to television's nadir: Valley of the Gallery of Dolls

27 Mar 1997

Hit & Run LXXVII
Making a mountain out of a Sno-Ball and Dr. Kevorkian making a killing in the art market

26 Mar 1997

Filler 03.26.97
Learn All About Gapathy, In Filler's Spring Fashion Issue!

25 Mar 1997

Thin Mint Condition
Selling girl power door-to-door

24 Mar 1997

One-Pick Pony
Jenny McCarty is MTV's one-pick pony

21 Mar 1997

One World Dance Party
Moby vs. The Economist: Mixing media at the end of the millennium

20 Mar 1997

Hit & Run LXXVI
Media prophylactics

19 Mar 1997

Filler 03.19.97
Movies For Ordinary People!

18 Mar 1997

Anemic Analysis
Irony in the Intensive Criticism Unit

17 Mar 1997

Reality Bites Back
New and improved history on sale now

14 Mar 1997

NikeTown Crier
Forget NikeTown, get ready for NikeState

13 Mar 1997

Hit & Run LXXV
NASA hacked and crime stats whacked in Hit and Run

12 Mar 1997

Filler 03.12.97
Three Easy Targets: Bad Puns And Cheap Laughs!

11 Mar 1997

Shock It Up to Experience
Breaking the Naifes: The simple logic of popular culture

10 Mar 1997

Bound and Gagged
The sweet smell of success has a rich aroma

7 Mar 1997

To Market, to Market
Your Asset is Mine: The high price of fame

6 Mar 1997

Hit & Run LXXIV
Get 'em while they're haute: Couture castoffs, Eszterhas epigrams, and fanzines for fawners

5 Mar 1997

Filler 03.05.97
It's Jury Doody Time!

4 Mar 1997

Leave the Light on for You
Motel 1600: We'll leave the light on for you

3 Mar 1997

Ex Libris
Library Past: Information is only as good as the methods available to search for it

  Feb 1997

28 Feb 1997

Enema Vérité
Shit happens on Real TV

27 Feb 1997

Hit & Run LXXIII
Cloning around and making ba(n)d investments - media bites back

26 Feb 1997

Filler 02.26.97
Are You Paranoid, Dyslexic, Or Both?

25 Feb 1997

Condemned to Kill Time
Give us this day our daily planner

24 Feb 1997

Breaking News
Minute updates, on the minute

21 Feb 1997

Going in Style
Crying 'Fowler!' at the new style guides

20 Feb 1997

Hit & Run LXXII
Meet the Virtual Manager!

19 Feb 1997

Filler 02.19.97
Experience The Virtual Workplace!

18 Feb 1997

Dead Can Dance
Don't fear the Reaper

17 Feb 1997

Just Say Whoa
Overdosing on over-the-counter hype

14 Feb 1997

Mouseburger Royale
Goodbye to Girly Brown: Cosmo loses its head

13 Feb 1997

Hit & Run LXXI
Passing off masturbation as self-examination

12 Feb 1997

Filler 02.12.97
The Love Dissection!

11 Feb 1997

Childproof Gap
Age is just a minor problem

10 Feb 1997

Lamb to the Slaughter
Neutral coverage tries our short attention C-SPAN

7 Feb 1997

The Feature with 1000 Faces
Looking at the mythic hype surrounding Star Wars

6 Feb 1997

Hit & Run LXX
Allegra Coleman proves that fiction is stranger than fiction

5 Feb 1997

Filler 02.05.97
Fin-De-Siecle Dating!

4 Feb 1997

Hidden Persuaders
Joan Rivers is the hostess with the most-est

3 Feb 1997

Prevue to a Kill
Your television is your homepage

  Jan 1997

31 Jan 1997

Slapstick Traces
How comedies became less than a laughing matter

30 Jan 1997

Hit & Run LXIX
Taking stocks to the streets, Superbowl-ed over

29 Jan 1997

Filler 01.29.97
Be A Phony And Filler Will Be Your Friend!

28 Jan 1997

Be-In Digital
By the time we got to Webstock, it already sucked

27 Jan 1997

Interactor's Nightmare
We learn the facts of life from virtual vixens

24 Jan 1997

Class Dismissed
Tonight, let it be lowbrow

23 Jan 1997

Hit & Run LXVIII
The People vs. Hoary Print: Hit and Run smacks at The Economist and The Wall Street Journal

22 Jan 1997

Filler 01.22.97
Three Immorality Plays!

21 Jan 1997

Marriage of Convenience
Marriage of convienience: Coupling all the way to the bank

20 Jan 1997

Sign o' the Times
Celebrities sign their lives away

17 Jan 1997

The Writing's on the Stall
Gross profits: How kids books sell shit as shinola

16 Jan 1997

Hit & Run LXVII
Making money on the web: Don't charge, sue! Slate, GeekGirl(s) and more

15 Jan 1997

Filler 01.15.97
Revenge Of The Neo-Nerds!

14 Jan 1997

Culture of Complaint.com
You really can't complain - unless you can

13 Jan 1997

Green Machine
They put the 'green' in 'greenbacks.'

10 Jan 1997

Thinking Outside the Mailbox
Eudoraphoria: Why we love email

9 Jan 1997

Hit & Run LXVI
A year-end crash

8 Jan 1997

Filler 01.08.97
Talkin' About A Resolution?

7 Jan 1997

What Goes Up
The Smithsonian does Star Wars: May the market force be with you

6 Jan 1997

Speed Reading Between the Lines
Slowing down the World's Fastest Reader

3 Jan 1997

Nike wins an empty victory.
"Media and marketing giant Ni k e ,..."

2 Jan 1997

The Sucksters Predict
"Su c k s t e r s..."

1 Jan 1997

The Sucksters Predict
The Sucksters Predict

  Dec 1996

31 Dec 1996

The Sucksters Predict
"In 1997, people will eat mo r e..."

30 Dec 1996

The Sucksters Predict
"In 1997, newcomers t o t h e..."

27 Dec 1996

The Sucksters Predict
"In mid-1997, publicist s w i l l..."

26 Dec 1996

The Sucksters Predict
"In 1997, much brainpowe r a n d..."

25 Dec 1996

The Sucksters Predict
"AOL, in a desperate attemp t t o..."

24 Dec 1996

The Sucksters Predict
"In 1997, there will be a fil m..."

23 Dec 1996

The Sucksters Predict
"As the dinosaur known as 'onli n e..."

20 Dec 1996

Toys for Naught
"The holy trinity of televisi o n ,..."

19 Dec 1996

Hit & Run LXV
"What with the headach e s o f..."

18 Dec 1996

Memes to an End
"It takes more than a meme to lead..."

17 Dec 1996

Programming Ad Hawk
"You may have read recently th a t..."

16 Dec 1996

Enlightened Self-Disinterest
"As if the ghost of Malthus wer e..."

13 Dec 1996

That's Motivation
"Creating a stylishly casual w o r k..."

12 Dec 1996

Hit & Run LXIV
"Ever since Texas passed its l a w..."

11 Dec 1996

MIDI Vanilli
"Last time sales were flatlin i n g..."

10 Dec 1996

Angles in the Outfield
"Something's rotten in the st a t e..."

9 Dec 1996

Retrogressive Behavior
"Remember when the web inspi r e d..."

6 Dec 1996

A Piece of the Action
"It's bad enough when techni c a l..."

5 Dec 1996

Hit & Run LXIII
"How many times can the Apocalyp s e..."

4 Dec 1996

Bad Sports
"Before this fall, fa n s o f..."

3 Dec 1996

Book Mobile
"Henry David Thoreau. He sho u l d..."

2 Dec 1996

"When we last saw Oedipa Maas, sh e..."

  Nov 1996

28 Nov 1996

Hit & Run LXII
"With the merciful passage of t h e..."

27 Nov 1996

Fire This Time
"Did you make it to Burning Ma n..."

26 Nov 1996

Digital Evolution
"What if you threw a Digit a l..."

25 Nov 1996

Royale with Cheese
"It would take a cunning lingui s t..."

22 Nov 1996

Promiscuous Consumption
"Sometimes exhibitionists ma k e t h e..."

21 Nov 1996

Hit & Run LXI
"While advertising incanta t i o n s..."

20 Nov 1996

Get A Lifestyles
"Iron John rusted out, and T h e..."

19 Nov 1996

Milking It
"Just when everything seemed t o b e..."

18 Nov 1996

Pretty Good Deal
"At the young age of 24, it' s..."

15 Nov 1996

Anywhere, USA
"The joke's on Hillary: Villa g e s..."

14 Nov 1996

Hit & Run LX
"With his wax-museum 'good loo k s '..."

13 Nov 1996

The Mediatrix
"Lynne Russell puts the 'top ' i n..."

12 Nov 1996

All the World's a Stage
"When Marshall McLuhan descr i b e d..."

11 Nov 1996

Dream Girl
"Thomas Pynchon's Lotion inter v i e w..."

8 Nov 1996

The Third Time As 'Tragedy'
"Good morning - or, as Leonar d o..."

7 Nov 1996

Hit & Run LIX
"Ah, those hazy days of yor e ,..."

6 Nov 1996

Ashes to ASCII
"Given the volatil e l i f e..."

5 Nov 1996

Character Assassination
"As the global directi v e t o..."

4 Nov 1996

Sick and Wired
"Just as the Christmas shopp i n g..."

1 Nov 1996

Cringe Factor
"Everyone blames Andy Warho l f o r..."

  Oct 1996

31 Oct 1996

Hit & Run LVIII
"When TV viewers lost interes t i n..."

30 Oct 1996

New York Minute
"If no news is good news, the n..."

29 Oct 1996

Selfish Gini
"Suddenly evolution isn't wh a t i t..."

28 Oct 1996

Robust Aroma
"Just do it,' 'Put it in your head,'..."

25 Oct 1996

Thinking of You
"Underneath its ageless vei l s o f..."

24 Oct 1996

Hit & Run LVII
"New York's American Museum of t h e..."

23 Oct 1996

Screaming in a Vacuum
"IRC, at its best, is a chance to..."

22 Oct 1996

"There was a period - n o t..."

21 Oct 1996

Rebel Without a Pause
"The quiet that's fallen over t h e..."

18 Oct 1996

Master of Ceremony
"The presidential debate s a r e a..."

17 Oct 1996

Hit & Run LVI
"Snapple may have taken a bath i n..."

16 Oct 1996

Bottoms Up
"The giant sucking sound com i n g..."

15 Oct 1996

How Many Licks?
"Kids don't dream of becom i n g..."

14 Oct 1996

Biting the Hand at Feed
"If you've gotten this far, y o u..."

11 Oct 1996

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
"The fashion arc may swing fr o m..."

10 Oct 1996

Hit & Run LV
"Rock 'n' roll was sell i n g..."

9 Oct 1996

Must-c|net TV?
"The other night, as I endured th e..."

8 Oct 1996

Ugly Sticks
"Consider the old insult - or wa s..."

7 Oct 1996

You Won't
"An African-American profess i o n a l..."

4 Oct 1996

Back In The Bottle
"Like most good ideas, Six Degre e s..."

3 Oct 1996

Hit & Run LIV
"The web is a powerful solvent, t o..."

2 Oct 1996

Bizarro World
"Marvel Comics creator-tu r n e d -..."

1 Oct 1996

Adman Agonistes
"They do it for gold, not glory ."

  Sep 1996

30 Sep 1996

Angels and Insects
"As year-round schools and ot h e r..."

27 Sep 1996

Politics is the Art of the Gullible
"As unsurprising as precipi t o u s..."

26 Sep 1996

Hit & Run LIII
"The problem with computers , y o u..."

25 Sep 1996

Steal This Article
"Not so long ago, in another life ,..."

24 Sep 1996

Genius Envy
"In the go-go days of the '80s art..."

23 Sep 1996

The 1:1 Republic
"He's been shut out of t h e..."

20 Sep 1996

Number One With A Hail of Bullets
"Ladies and gentleme n : t h e..."

19 Sep 1996

Hit & Run LII
"The Oscars? Mel Gibson won seve n !..."

18 Sep 1996

"Do you feel overwhelm e d b y..."

17 Sep 1996

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
"Perhaps it takes a politic i a n..."

16 Sep 1996

Childhood's End
"Hello , w o r l d ."

13 Sep 1996

Swimming Up the Mainstream
"Money might be the world's mo s t..."

12 Sep 1996

Hit & Run LI
"Here's a newsflash that fill s u s..."

11 Sep 1996

Hollywood Babbles On
"Invented by the barely liter a t e..."

10 Sep 1996

Just Do Yourself
"Masturbation has been tout e d a s..."

9 Sep 1996

Saturday Morning Massacre
"So now the government wa n t s..."

6 Sep 1996

Weenie Roast
"The Greatest Show on Ea r t h..."

5 Sep 1996

Hit & Run L
"But in order to get po l e..."

4 Sep 1996

You Are Here
"In the guide to early '9 0 s..."

3 Sep 1996

"Screw Hallmark, screw Cr a t e &..."

2 Sep 1996

OK Marketing
Things are going to be OK (TM)

  Aug 1996

30 Aug 1996

Smells Like Team Spirit
"Fantasy league football ki c k e d..."

29 Aug 1996

Hit & Run XLIX
"John Williams's departur e f r o m..."

28 Aug 1996

"Suck is a year older today. Ar e..."

27 Aug 1996

White Riot
"Remember the whole conce p t o f..."

26 Aug 1996

Fashions of the Times
"We began to notice a tellta l e..."

23 Aug 1996

A Lovin' Swoonful
"The commercialization of e v e r y..."

22 Aug 1996

Hit & Run XLVIII
"Those of us who keep Fa s t..."

21 Aug 1996

Step Right Up
"Sometimes you're trappe d . Y o u..."

20 Aug 1996

It's The Terminal, Dummy!
"Everyone wants to stan d f o r..."

19 Aug 1996

What I Saw at the Digital Revolution
"The brief history of the net ca n..."

16 Aug 1996

"So Phil Anselmo of Pant e r a..."

15 Aug 1996

Hit & Run XLVII
"Amid all the hoop l a o f..."

14 Aug 1996

"You've got litigation!"
"There's been a strange shif t i n..."

13 Aug 1996

Passive Aggressive
"From the avant-garde to Activ e X ,..."

12 Aug 1996

To Err is Human, to Crash, Divine
"When Animals Attack isn' t t h e..."

9 Aug 1996

Credit Check
"AOL is free. Perfectly free . I n..."

8 Aug 1996

Hit & Run XLVI
"Every office has a coupl e o f..."

7 Aug 1996

Sub-Middle Management Worksick Blues
"I thought I knew how to negotiat e..."

6 Aug 1996

Faster, Pussycat! Click! Click!
"The web's open-admission po l i c y..."

5 Aug 1996

Mid-Hype Crisis
"Forget failing st o c k s ,..."

2 Aug 1996

Free Range Beef
"The cyber-frontier metaphor m a k e s..."

1 Aug 1996

Hit & Run XLV
"Fresh in their new corporasphe r e ,..."

  Jul 1996

31 Jul 1996

Take My Advice - Please!
"In 1987, when still-frisk y s o b..."

30 Jul 1996

Nothing for Nothing
"The best things in life are free ."

29 Jul 1996

Anti Alias
"A manhunt always make s f o r..."

26 Jul 1996

Golden Shower
"The AP may have just declared th e..."

25 Jul 1996

Hit & Run XLIV
"What's in a name? Legal threa t s..."

24 Jul 1996

What the Market Will Bare
"Fortified with Dramamin e a n d a..."

23 Jul 1996

Fear and Coding
"Bumper stickers have becom e t h e..."

22 Jul 1996

Big Money, Little Clue
"Figuring that all we know abo u t..."

19 Jul 1996

Prime Time Gold Mine
"If you were born after 1946, yo u..."

18 Jul 1996

Hit & Run XLIII
"In the mess of mega-me d i a..."

17 Jul 1996

Even Better Than the Real Thing
"Despite the plethora of availa b l e..."

16 Jul 1996

Search and Destroy
"No official record exists to te l l..."

15 Jul 1996

Packet FishRman
"In the wild kingd o m o f..."

12 Jul 1996

Things that Go Boom in Night
"As surely as sweaters in a Sa n..."

11 Jul 1996

Hit & Run XLII
"What's it take to get a littl e..."

10 Jul 1996

Unsafe at Any Speed
"Those who refuse to learn fr o m..."

9 Jul 1996

Unsafe at Any Speed
"Cadillacs used to be foun d o n..."

8 Jul 1996

The Truth Is Way Out There
"In the past twenty years, alie n s..."

4 Jul 1996

Hit & Run XLI
"Tragicomedy: it's not onl y o u r..."

3 Jul 1996

Hobby Hoarse
"What lobbyists are to politi c s ,..."

2 Jul 1996

Money Changes Everything
"It seems that the concep t o f..."

1 Jul 1996

Glutteous Magneticus
"The arrival in many state s o f..."

  Jun 1996

28 Jun 1996

Wiping the Slate Clean
"It's the principle that gove r n s..."

27 Jun 1996

Hit & Run XL
"There are those that c a l l..."

26 Jun 1996

Sex and the Single URL
"Ok, so you've exchanged sm o k y..."

25 Jun 1996

Come On Down
"There's a new twist to the stal e..."

24 Jun 1996

Dining with Cannibals
"Soyle n t G r e e n..."

21 Jun 1996

America's Most Affronted
"America's Most Wan t e d a t..."

20 Jun 1996

Hit & Run XXXIX
"It's 10 A.M. and you're perch e d..."

19 Jun 1996

Drunk on Futurism
"Futurism isn't what it used to be -..."

18 Jun 1996

Just Your @#$*ing Type
"There oughta be a word (if not a..."

17 Jun 1996

What, Are You On Drugs?
"Self-induced catatonia has al w a y s..."

14 Jun 1996

As Baud As They Want Him To Be
"Like most media hounds, th e i r..."

13 Jun 1996

"It's an inescapable fact t h a t..."

12 Jun 1996

The Empower Rangers
"The under-12 demographic fol l o w s..."

11 Jun 1996

Sibling Rhapsody
"Remember Billy Ca r t e r ?..."

10 Jun 1996

Flack Jacket
"If it consumes bandwidth, i t ' s..."

7 Jun 1996

First Online Story
"The Internet, besides b e i n g..."

6 Jun 1996

Hit & Run XXXVII
"It's hard to forge a successf u l..."

5 Jun 1996

A Touch of Gray
"A whole new group of lemmings ha s..."

4 Jun 1996

Find Your Own Road
"I have a dream. A dream of mythic..."

3 Jun 1996

"They ride into town, pit c h a..."

  May 1996

31 May 1996

The Usual Suspects
"To: Dobbs Operation: Tower of Babble Status:..."

30 May 1996

Hit & Run XXXVI
"It's difficult for us to disli k e..."

29 May 1996

Ye of Little Faith
"Trend analyst Faith Popco r n i s..."

28 May 1996

Shlock Soup
"Retirement's always a good wa y t o..."

27 May 1996

Legal Unease
"The reservoir of content cal l e d..."

24 May 1996

"It's high time we took a seriou s..."

23 May 1996

Hit & Run XXXV
"Rats to Katz: On the Web, ther e..."

22 May 1996

One-To-None Marketing
"Time and time again, gro o v y..."

21 May 1996

Pezzling Evidence
"Now I'm not deriding the fi n e..."

20 May 1996

"Francisco and land a job at on e..."

17 May 1996

Cheat Sheet
"What defines genius? Cult u r a l..."

16 May 1996

Hit & Run XXXIV
"Our New Yorker arrived late , s o..."

15 May 1996

Mission Implausible
"In a country where carbona t e d..."

14 May 1996

Tooning Out
"It's been some time since t h e..."

13 May 1996

Deus In Machina
"The only thing that mi g h t..."

10 May 1996

Missed Manners
"At once an admission that the ne w..."

9 May 1996

Hit & Run XXXIII
"Faithful readers of Suck wil l n o..."

8 May 1996

Shrink Rap
"Some days, life can seem crusti e r..."

7 May 1996

What's My Line?
"Coyly multicultural I B M a d s..."

6 May 1996

New Media Exhumed
"In years past, flipping some o n e..."

3 May 1996

Vice Grip
"No one excels in the realm o f..."

2 May 1996

Hit & Run XXXII
"We hope Colors's disavow a l o f..."

1 May 1996

Broke And Broker
"A quick scan of the digit a l..."

  Apr 1996

30 Apr 1996

Fringe Groupies
"The devil made them do i t ."

29 Apr 1996

Leave The Conniving To Us
"The service was introduced l a s t..."

26 Apr 1996

I Want My MTV, Too
"According to the show-biz tr a d e..."

25 Apr 1996

Hit & Run XXXI
"Yahoo dropped the soap. In t h e..."

24 Apr 1996

Talk Was Cheap
"Prior to Patent No. 174,4 6 5 ,..."

23 Apr 1996

Way New Fetishism
"Social activists may r a l l y..."

22 Apr 1996

Radio Radio
"Call it shovelware with rab b i t..."

19 Apr 1996

"Information, in lieu of ide a s -..."

18 Apr 1996

Hit & Run XXX
"Flip channels in the l a t e..."

17 Apr 1996

Burn Baby Burn
"The idea was to have a networ k..."

16 Apr 1996

"Whether you're trying to ca t e r..."

15 Apr 1996

And The Bandwidth Played On
"The optimist looks at the Web an d..."

12 Apr 1996

"Past 2 AM, raining. There was n o..."

11 Apr 1996

Hit & Run XXIX
"Ray Magliozzi 'Car Talk' gu y s ,..."

10 Apr 1996

C Is For Cookie
"The first Thursday of ev e r y..."

9 Apr 1996

Serial Killing Time
Episodics, the gathering: Friends, with handguns

8 Apr 1996

Have It Your Way
"These days, the face of the We b..."

5 Apr 1996

Greased Lightning
"It's not snake oil they ' r e..."

4 Apr 1996

Hit & Run XXVIII
"Old media reporters must rea l l y..."

3 Apr 1996

Couch Potatoes
From value chain to food chain in 3 weeks

2 Apr 1996

Cosmetic Depth
At the-body-shop.com, beauty is only two clicks deep

1 Apr 1996

After The Fall: The Web Leftovers
Time Daily Reports

  Mar 1996

29 Mar 1996

You're Killing Me
"Mr. Samsa was no cockroa c h ,..."

28 Mar 1996

Hit & Run XXVII
Cool as Hell-vetica! More sites that are serif-fic!

27 Mar 1996

Information Underload
"If watching old-school m e d i a..."

26 Mar 1996

Gross Anatomy
"If the first misappropriation of technology is..."

25 Mar 1996

It's A Mall, Mall World
"Like Bruce Springsteen, dB A S E ,..."

22 Mar 1996

"Consider Juvenal's time - w o r n..."

21 Mar 1996

Hit & Run XXVI
"Right To Regulate The Intern e t '..."

20 Mar 1996

Content Is as Content Does
"Every day, we confron t t h e..."

19 Mar 1996

Learning To Fly
"When a fat pheasant rises fr o m..."

18 Mar 1996

Global Village Idiots
What if Fluffy was one of us?

15 Mar 1996

Murky Brown
"If information is power, then t h e..."

14 Mar 1996

Hit & Run XXV
"Whatever happened to the Fire f l y..."

13 Mar 1996

cApital Offense
A treatise on the death of capital-ism

12 Mar 1996

Dearth of a Salesman
The Infomercial King pisses on the Blarney Stone

11 Mar 1996

Demo D'Merrier
No matter what happens, keep prattling on

8 Mar 1996

Coping with 411 directory insistence

7 Mar 1996

Hit & Run XXIV
In cyberspace, no one can hear you cream

6 Mar 1996

You May Already Be A Wiener
In the awards sweepstakes, it's a Smalley world after all

5 Mar 1996

Ad About You
We went to a conference and all we got was this lousy story

4 Mar 1996

Whirl Around the WorldNet
Every local ISP just went belly-up

1 Mar 1996

S Stands for Sell
Swill, and TED's Excellent Adventure

  Feb 1996

29 Feb 1996

Hit & Run XXIII
Ellison's Goad news, live, from megacorp.com

28 Feb 1996

Salvaging Salvo
What happens when George starts stroking that big gun

27 Feb 1996

Six Degrees of Recrimination
Ernie Warren's tragicomic HTML markup

26 Feb 1996

Meet the uberati's New Man, Ted Leonsis

23 Feb 1996

Sit and Spin
The Ween of the Web sings a swan song for Spin

22 Feb 1996

Hit & Run XXII
Sticking it to Angelique, Cheryl, and Jackie, in the Bronx

21 Feb 1996

Sit and Spin
Satiating our taste bauds with Otter Pops

20 Feb 1996

Jean Splicing
Faded memories of the casual uniformity of levis.com

19 Feb 1996

Three-fisted Tales of...Mirth
"In the post-humor wor l d o f..."

16 Feb 1996

Xanadu Redux, Part I
Performance art at the W3C

15 Feb 1996

Hit & Run XXI
"The latest issue of Time on l y..."

14 Feb 1996

OK Marketing
Things are going to be OK (TM)

13 Feb 1996

Fluff Love
Sometimes the line between plush toy and push toy becomes a little blurry

12 Feb 1996

The Devil You Know
Why Blackbird's cock robin act made 1995 like 1984

9 Feb 1996

A Special Media Moment
Playing the race card with Geraldo at Time

8 Feb 1996

Hit & Run XX
"Almost as exciting as signing t h e..."

7 Feb 1996

Dysfunction's Function Got the Unction
A ritual observation of the venal Equinox

6 Feb 1996

Persistence of... Something
When you mix cool and hot media, you don't get a McDLT

5 Feb 1996

Cramping Our Style
An application of the rag to tampax.com

2 Feb 1996

Extra Value Meal
We deserve a FreeRide today, and everyday

1 Feb 1996

Hit & Run XIX
A shocked Beavis asks the Journal to pull Microsoft's finger

  Jan 1996

31 Jan 1996

Miss Sarajevo
Snapple. We wept. We cried. It's over. Go home

30 Jan 1996

Wired For Dummies
As the world Turners in the Spiv cycle

29 Jan 1996

Sublimating Aggression
A marathon descent into the Blood Bowl

26 Jan 1996

YAJSU's Sun-roasted Java
JavaSoft shows its delicate underbelly

25 Jan 1996

Hit & Run XVIII
Drinking to Suck on ladies' night

24 Jan 1996

Agents Provocateurs
Software that acts intelligent for you

23 Jan 1996

Play MiSTie For Me
Comedy Central adds a little mystery to the science theater

22 Jan 1996

Designing Imposters
A blow-by-blow of a site that doesn't suck

19 Jan 1996

Flowers for Butt-head
There's little virtual about Virtual Stupidity

18 Jan 1996

Hit & Run XVII
Four months to live with an impotent Duchamp

17 Jan 1996

The Other Java
Where the local digerati go to meet and greet

16 Jan 1996

TV Guide Writ Cool
Watch it devolve: Glenn Davis attempts to project cool

15 Jan 1996

The Doctor is IN
Ferndale introduces us to the hypocritic oath

12 Jan 1996

Dig We Must
It's realllllly cooooool at the Wiener Roast

11 Jan 1996

Hit & Run XVI
Boredom and indignation at MacWorld Expo

10 Jan 1996

The Bookmark Less Traveled
Bookmark 'em all, let God sort 'em out

9 Jan 1996

Roostermoose Lays An Egg
High self esteem for the net-endowed

8 Jan 1996

The Rule
There is one Rule, and one Rule only

5 Jan 1996

Momentary Lapse of Treason
Traffic jams to the beat of dark hearts

4 Jan 1996

Hit & Run XV
Continuing in our descent to buns, hooters, and Vienna Sausages

3 Jan 1996

Speed Racer Has Left The Building
The loopy, day-glo utopia of Saturday morning fever

2 Jan 1996

All Dressed Up With No Place To Go
At SFNYE, everything old is new again

  Dec 1995

22 Dec 1995

The Net Giveth, and the Net Taketh Away
The Year of the Internet in Review

21 Dec 1995

Hit & Run XIV
We solemnly swear to worship Andre

20 Dec 1995

You Will Become Zon
Fun with search engines

19 Dec 1995

Chicks 'n' Shit
Patronizing web magazines - for girls!

18 Dec 1995

Haw Haw Haw
Jack Chick, the perfect stocking stuffer

15 Dec 1995

Dystopian Utopia
Karrie Jacobs decries the coining of Utopia

14 Dec 1995

Hit & Run XIII
You can lead a horse to water, but that doesn't make him a duck

13 Dec 1995

It's a Log, Log, Log!
Make your visit count, load this page

12 Dec 1995

Exotic, Neurotic, and Staple-free
The Art of Zine

11 Dec 1995

Another cold cup o' Java

8 Dec 1995

New Media Killed The Video Star
The web in real-time

7 Dec 1995

Hit & Run XII
Nike sponsors Impressionists 'R' Us

6 Dec 1995

The Real Web
It's best to avoid VD

5 Dec 1995

Substantially Worse Then Nothing
The manufactured frenzy of the everyday

4 Dec 1995

This Bud's Online
There's nothing to beer but beer itself

1 Dec 1995

Life is Hell
Litigation as a spectator sport

  Nov 1995

30 Nov 1995

Hit & Run XI
Suck parodies, Andy Kaufman, and book cover art

29 Nov 1995

Logs of Love
When it rains it porns

28 Nov 1995

Incorporating the Mouse
Pixar toys with Disney's stories

27 Nov 1995

Saturation Posturing
Read my posters

24 Nov 1995

Hit & Run X
A picture perfect turkey

22 Nov 1995

Infant Mortality and Other Tragedies
Kaleida say no more

21 Nov 1995

The Suck New Media Autopsy
You will be assimilated

20 Nov 1995

Die Hard in a Warehouse
SRL's monster truck rallies for hipsters

17 Nov 1995

Compuserve decides to do it all over again

16 Nov 1995

Hit & Run IX
Innovation and plagarism on the web

15 Nov 1995

Spam-o-matically Yours
Share the love, pass the spam

14 Nov 1995

Indexing for Dollars
Making $$$ - one URL at a time

13 Nov 1995

If This Is A Salon, Where's The Do?
Who needs interactivity, when you have the hype?

10 Nov 1995

Consummate Suck
Crass consumerism

9 Nov 1995

Hit & Run VIII
Mr. Bad Advice visits the Joyclub at Cyborganic

8 Nov 1995

Oracular TV
Oracle's plan for the Web - er, ITV

7 Nov 1995

R.U. Sirius? More digital culture magazines?

6 Nov 1995

Stupe Du Jour
A look at Cool Shite of the Day pages

3 Nov 1995

A Wave of the Shockingly Bad
The abuse of multimedia reaches dynamic proportions

2 Nov 1995

Hit & Run VII
The future, domain names, and News of the Weird

1 Nov 1995

The Suckers Bite
Airing out Suck's dirty e-mail

  Oct 1995

31 Oct 1995

Suck works to contact and reduce and erase enagrams

30 Oct 1995

TV By The Blind
The origins of really, really horrible websites

27 Oct 1995

Rolling Stone, R.I.P.
Foreshadowing the early retirement of Robert Christgau

26 Oct 1995

Looking for a Little Sass
Sass-backwards editing

25 Oct 1995

Hit & Run VI
Dead rock stars, sports, and French film

24 Oct 1995

Welcome to the End of Film
Youth demographic-aimed films rot minds

23 Oct 1995

The Immaculate Sell-Out
Another indie learns its lesson the hard way

20 Oct 1995

Screaming Trees Revisited
The cleverly nefarious packaging of the Big 3 online services

19 Oct 1995

Hit & Run V
The dark side of the web: Court TV

18 Oct 1995

Media 101
An exercise in inflammatory pedanticism

17 Oct 1995

A Requiem for the Server Push
Netscape's contribution to the timely delivery of broadband

16 Oct 1995

Toy Story
No WebObjects, no objectives

13 Oct 1995

The Canvas is the Enemy
Discrimination and guerilla publishing

12 Oct 1995

Hit & Run IV
Nietzsche consumes Jolt cola

11 Oct 1995

Selling Without Shame
Ad Age does it with the world watching

10 Oct 1995

A Better Use For Bullshit
Propaganda for the new media masses

9 Oct 1995

Diarrheic Web Sites
What to 'surf' at the cyber cafe

6 Oct 1995

How To Read Wired Magazine
A step-by-step guide to your personal digital revolution

5 Oct 1995

Hit & Run III
O.J., MIT, and pasta

4 Oct 1995

Mr. Showbiz's Revenge
Webrunnin' at Starwave

3 Oct 1995

Way Lame Journalism
Inept journalism finds a home on the Internet

2 Oct 1995

NoShit, Sherlock.
The good, the ad, and the ugly

  Sep 1995

29 Sep 1995

NetSoft vs. MicroScape
Could Netscape's stock price be undervalued?

28 Sep 1995

Hit & Run II
A return to the scene of the crime

27 Sep 1995

Disgorgeous George
Would you give head for a dollar?

26 Sep 1995

Youth Marketing
Just how stupid are kids?

25 Sep 1995

Good Luck, Jammer!
Uncommercials at their best

22 Sep 1995

We Give it 3 Out of 5 Stars
A Suck-imposed ratings system for the net

21 Sep 1995

Hit & Run I
Suck throws off some one-hit wonders

20 Sep 1995

Pathological Self-Improvement and the Organizational Man
The future of the infomercial superhighway

19 Sep 1995

The Sickness Unto Death
My life as a cancer host

18 Sep 1995

A Spot-On Caricature
Suck's look at web-based soap operas

15 Sep 1995

Why, yes, in fact, I am a model...
Virtual reality on the web: the next av-atari

14 Sep 1995

Make Money Fast
How you can cash in on the Internet goldrush

13 Sep 1995

Dear Netscape
Soliciting our way to the top

12 Sep 1995

For They Know Not What They Do
The problems of being under con-suck-tion

11 Sep 1995

A Modern-Day ReVival
Hugs, not drugs!

8 Sep 1995

Passive Consumerism
Sounds like Mercantile Audio

7 Sep 1995

They Must Be Doing Something Right...
BLINK this

6 Sep 1995

Unabomber: Blah, Blah, Blah...
He could've just put up a website...

5 Sep 1995

WWWF Grudge Match
Serial killer bakeoff

4 Sep 1995

Consuming Media
I got you, Babe

2 Sep 1995

Just Another Media Hack
'I'm not an ad man, but it's just possible...'

1 Sep 1995

SIGGRAPH Damage Report (pt.2)
Institutions can be wonderful things

  Aug 1995

31 Aug 1995

Marc's Million Dollar Trick
Whoring yourself was never this good

30 Aug 1995

SIGGRAPH Damage Report (pt. 1)
What do you call a $100K paintbrush?

29 Aug 1995

Close-Up Penetration Shots and Your Children
'Wanna see my clit pierce?'

28 Aug 1995

Live Through This
Cobain died for someone's sins