Dec 1997

31 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

30 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

29 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

26 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

25 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

24 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

23 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

22 Dec 1997

In 1998...
Suck predicts the future

19 Dec 1997

How To Buy Suck
The best-case scenario

18 Dec 1997

Hit & Run CXII
Ads in ATMs. Ads in toilets. ATMs in toilets?

17 Dec 1997

Filler 12.17.97
Are You On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown?

16 Dec 1997

That's Not Funny
Prison rape and wife-beating

15 Dec 1997

The Good Book
The greatest story ever told

12 Dec 1997

Write what you know!

11 Dec 1997

Hit & Run CXI
Pop-Up imbroglios and fruitless browsing

10 Dec 1997

Filler 12.10.97
The Booby Myth!

9 Dec 1997

The Way We Weren't
Everything old is old again

8 Dec 1997

Caveat Emptor
Politics in the marketing era

5 Dec 1997

Are You Getting Old?
Watch for the tell-tale signs

4 Dec 1997

Hit & Run CX
Sex, death, and bad breath

3 Dec 1997

Filler 12.03.97
Handling The Classic Dilemma Of Killing Off A Character!

2 Dec 1997

Shut Up and Kiss Me
Lap dances with wolves

1 Dec 1997

Monster Mash
Molecular Biology for Dummies

  Nov 1997

26 Nov 1997

Filler 11.26.97
Apocalypse Now!

25 Nov 1997

Near-Death Experience
Who says Suck is 'over?'

24 Nov 1997

News Above the Title
Shut up and kiss me

21 Nov 1997

Skin-deep Thoughts
Esquire speaks Christy Turlington's mind...

20 Nov 1997

Hit & Run CIX
What are you waiting for? Buy the Suck book

19 Nov 1997

Filler 11.19.97
Proof That Kids Today Are Increasingly Stupid And Lazy!

18 Nov 1997

Gettin' the Vanguard
Where do tech magazines go from here?

17 Nov 1997

Ars Attacks
Weary of Gehry

14 Nov 1997

Still Crazy After All These Weeks
Paranoid and adroit

13 Nov 1997

Hit & Run CVIII
"It wouldn't be a clich&eacu t e ;..."

12 Nov 1997

Filler 11.12.97
Can You Play 'Guessing At Science'?

11 Nov 1997

Critical Mask
Running out of ideology

10 Nov 1997

Ad It Up
Da-da da da

7 Nov 1997

The Suck School of Comic Art
Terry did this all by himself!

6 Nov 1997

Hit & Run CVII
Greed, greed, and more greed: money and news in the news

5 Nov 1997

Filler 11.05.97
Suck Cultural Studies!

4 Nov 1997

Lover's Quarrel
Two markets beat as one

3 Nov 1997

Devil in the Details
What makes the dumb extremely dumb

  Oct 1997

31 Oct 1997

Devil in the Details
What makes the merely dumb extremely dumb?

30 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CVI
Frank Sinatra is not dead - this and more breaking news

29 Oct 1997

Filler 10.29.97
Nostalgia: Cure For Millennial Angst!

28 Oct 1997

You Will Be Tested on This
Filling in the blanks on standardized testing

27 Oct 1997

No Guarantee of Future Results
Financial planning without a net

24 Oct 1997

Stupid Like a Fox
And a little dummy shall lead them

23 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CV
Decoding Spy and daring Signal to Noise

22 Oct 1997

Filler 10.22.97
Learn How To Cultivate A Punk-Rock Sense Of Irony!

21 Oct 1997

Trust No One
Loyal followers fall behind

20 Oct 1997

If You Can Get It
Working doesn't

17 Oct 1997

Who's Sorry Now?
Suck apologizes for contrition chic

16 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CIV
Breaking Egg, being Frank: magazine launches

15 Oct 1997

Filler 10.15.97
Another Bad Cartoon About Bad Essays About Bad Memoirs!

14 Oct 1997

I Don't
Marriage is for suckers

13 Oct 1997

A Fan's Footnotes
Popping Pop-Up Video

10 Oct 1997

The Gospel According to Luke
Bullies are bad

9 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CIII
The first $1.2 million is the easiest, and other net.truths

8 Oct 1997

Filler 10.08.97
See The Future Of Computing!

7 Oct 1997

Luxe Populi
Fall fashion spread

6 Oct 1997

News of the Weak
A Suckperiment in media

3 Oct 1997

The Suck School of Comedy
How to be funny: we're serious

2 Oct 1997

Hit & Run CII
A Marv Albert - Billy Graham - Catholic League threesome

1 Oct 1997

Filler 10.01.97
Are You Depressed?

  Sep 1997

30 Sep 1997

Small Is Beautiful?
Nano, nano: thinking inside a very small box

29 Sep 1997

Smile, You Son of a Bitch

26 Sep 1997

Code Red-Faced
Doing the media's Drudge work

25 Sep 1997

Hit & Run CI
The more things change, the more they get the same

24 Sep 1997

Filler 09.24.97
Newsflash: Poor Are Thriving!

23 Sep 1997

Miss Judged
Uncovering Miss America

22 Sep 1997

Say It Ain't So
Truth is dead

19 Sep 1997

Are You in a Meeting? How to tell.
Suck goes to work

18 Sep 1997

Hit & Run C
Suck is sorry in Hit and Run

17 Sep 1997

Filler 09.17.97
El Nino Or El Guapo?

16 Sep 1997

Pleased to Meat You
Eating vegetarians

15 Sep 1997

The Pitch: F!
The Funeral Channel

12 Sep 1997

All That Is Solid Melts into Air
Suction, please: Suck dissects The Operation

11 Sep 1997

Hit & Run XCIX
Below the Beltway: Hit and Run's Washington edition

10 Sep 1997

Filler 09.10.97
Birdshit By Birdshit...

9 Sep 1997

In the Lyne of Pale Fire
Lolita gets dumped

8 Sep 1997

Royal Icing
The press and the princess's tragedy of manners

5 Sep 1997

You Can't Go Home Again
The best Suck, no, really

4 Sep 1997

Hit and Run One
"We've been running (or re-running) this collection..."

3 Sep 1997

Filler 09.03.97
What Is This Thing We Call 'Filler'?

2 Sep 1997

Fire This Time
Revisiting Burning Man

1 Sep 1997

Consummate Suck
The best Sucks: What you've been missing

  Aug 1997

29 Aug 1997

Hacking Your Life Away
The Suck guide to writing for online magazines

28 Aug 1997

Hit & Run XCVIII
You ought not to be in pictures: Quentin Tarantino and tobacco

27 Aug 1997

Filler 08.27.97
The Hack Is Back, In Black!

26 Aug 1997

Rolling Papers
Alternative to what? Weaklies

25 Aug 1997

In Harmony's Way
Don't you want to be white like me?

22 Aug 1997

What... Me Funny?
Does Mad 2.0 mean that Alfred E. is new, man?

21 Aug 1997

Hit & Run XCVII
Have you believed it? Spinning tales about Mr. K, Special K, and OK

20 Aug 1997

Filler 08.20.97
Reader Response Filler!

19 Aug 1997

He's Lying
TV is good

18 Aug 1997

Brand Extortion
The author of the Vonnegut hoax steps forward

15 Aug 1997

Apple and Microsoft
A fable

14 Aug 1997

Hit & Run XCVI
You know - for kids! Feeling good about feeling good and other media news

13 Aug 1997

Filler 08.13.97
More Revolting News!

12 Aug 1997

Go Tell It on the Mountain
Why did you read it? Because it was there

11 Aug 1997

Ne'errative Do Well
Formlessness follows function

8 Aug 1997

Strange Daze
The 'in' is found from way out

7 Aug 1997

Hit & Run XCV
The passing of windbags: Burroughs, Beavis and Butt-head, RIP

6 Aug 1997

Filler 08.06.97
Find Out Why Steven Johnson Of Feed Is The Sexiest Thing About Any Webzine!

5 Aug 1997

Some Jingle-Jangle Morning
Advertisements for themselves

4 Aug 1997

A Few Good Unmentionables
Foxholes and feminism

1 Aug 1997

Self-destruction Books
Eat less, weigh more!

  Jul 1997

31 Jul 1997

Hit & Run XCIV
Just Sein No: The New York Review of Books and Limbaugh's better half give us reason to abstain

30 Jul 1997

Filler 07.30.97
Get Your Own Full-Color T. Jay Calendar!

29 Jul 1997

The Sheltering Sky
It's a mall world

28 Jul 1997

Great Expectations
Is literature worth its wait?

25 Jul 1997

Kill 'Em All
Ask not for whom the head bangs, it bangs for thee

24 Jul 1997

Hit & Run XCIII
Skin and bones: Miss America and fishing fallout make the news

23 Jul 1997

Filler 07.23.97
A Narrative, Which Is Like A Longish Cartoon That's Less Pointless Than Usual, But Not Much!

22 Jul 1997

The Uses of Enchantment
Sex and violence for the kid in you

21 Jul 1997

All Tomorrowland's Parties
Slipping you a Mickey

18 Jul 1997

Are you in a cult, or just Canadian?

17 Jul 1997

Hit & Run XCII
Media missteps and infotainment ironies

16 Jul 1997

Filler 07.16.97
The Mother White Meat: A Mother's Guide To Gansta Speak!

15 Jul 1997

Phone Home
One alienation under God...

14 Jul 1997

Doesn't Hurt Me a Bit
Pitching Woo

11 Jul 1997

You can judge a society by the way it techs its prisoners

10 Jul 1997

Hit & Run XCI
A bad case of Nerve and a bad rap: Media mogulese

9 Jul 1997

Filler 07.09.97
Mothers Who Don't Think!

8 Jul 1997

It isn't just for breakfast anymore

7 Jul 1997

My Own Private 'I Dunno'
Keeping secrets in the information age

4 Jul 1997

Wars of Northern
Canada, again

3 Jul 1997

Enlightened Self-Disinterest
Celebrating Indifference Day!

2 Jul 1997

Filler 07.02.97
It's That Time Of Year Again! Stay Tuned For Suckdependence Day 2!

1 Jul 1997

Stations of the Dross
St. Nixon and the passion of Elvis

  Jun 1997

30 Jun 1997

The Monkeys Spank Back
Just when you thought it was safe to have a penis...

27 Jun 1997

La Dolce Viacom
Cradle-to-grave marketing at Chicago's newest superstore

26 Jun 1997

Hit & Run XC
All the news that's fit to crib

25 Jun 1997

Filler 06.25.97
Rich People, Tori Spelling, And Roaches!

24 Jun 1997

The Bull Jar
Those who can't write, author

23 Jun 1997

It's no context

20 Jun 1997

Watching the Directives
Just a coincidence? Well, yeah

19 Jun 1997

Hit & Run LXXXIX
Tiger chases his own tail and Wired licks it: Media malaprops

18 Jun 1997

Filler 06.18.97
Play The New Media Investment Adventure Game!

17 Jun 1997

Cult Classic
A trend of epic proportions: Why we're hooked on classics

16 Jun 1997

Dwelling Machine, Sweet Dwelling Machine
Home is where the state of the art is

13 Jun 1997

Mat Dancing
Is wrestling ready for the center ring?

12 Jun 1997

Seeing Double: Kotex.com and other imitators

11 Jun 1997

Filler 06.11.97
Fight Family Values Tooth And Nail, With The Strife Channel!

10 Jun 1997

Here's a Little Tip
We're living in a penal colony

9 Jun 1997

Loaded with Options

6 Jun 1997

Business Plans for Dummies
It's not what you know, it's what you don't

5 Jun 1997

Selling out and making a killing

4 Jun 1997

Filler 06.04.97
Oh, The Urban Humanity!

3 Jun 1997

A Bad Case of Midrash
Finding the fly in the topical ointment

2 Jun 1997

Where Do You Want to Eat Today?
The Golden Arches rule

  May 1997

30 May 1997

Machine to the Slave
Fear of a Deep Blue planet

29 May 1997

Hit & Run LXXXVI
The year's most inriguing people! The 10 hotestmutual funds! Wat your doctor isn't telling you about HMOs!

28 May 1997

Filler 05.28.97
Why Being Young And Hip Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry!

27 May 1997

Fit to be Tie-Dyed
The net as group hug

26 May 1997

Memorial Day
Getting out of the office for a change

23 May 1997

Over the Hump
Is my neighbor living with a sex doll?

22 May 1997

Hit & Run LXXXV
WB goes after whitey, crack (story) is whack

21 May 1997

Filler 05.21.97
Urban Hipster Mantras: Find Your Inner Poseur!

20 May 1997

Making Book
Are books on the Web a license to print money?

19 May 1997

Out to Pasture
Jerry Springer's lesson for the masses

16 May 1997

Good Spots
Athletes and their supporters

15 May 1997

Hit & Run LXXXIV
All the Presidents' mein, and who's leading the way

14 May 1997

Filler 05.14.97
The Fish! The Hack! They're Back!

13 May 1997

Faking the News
Unspinning control

12 May 1997

Wars of Northern Aggression
Why we hate Canada

9 May 1997

Awaken the Pliant Within
Awaken the Pliant Within: Anthony Robbins' super plastic ego elastic

8 May 1997

The high proce of giving, kicking back

7 May 1997

Filler 05.07.97
Celebrate One Full Year Of Fulfilling Filler, In Filler!

6 May 1997

History as catalog, the news is fetish

5 May 1997

Richard the Fourth
Like a Virgin: Richard Branson is England

2 May 1997

Straight, Gay, or Binary?
Yep, he's gay: Hal comes out

1 May 1997

Hit & Run LXXXII
Border (tag) disputes at Zine2000, the Republic of Texas

  Apr 1997

30 Apr 1997

Filler 04.30.97
Exploring Crime And Punishment... In Filler!

29 Apr 1997

A Very Palpable Hit
By and By is easily said: Everyone's a trendspotter

28 Apr 1997

Come Again
Many Happy Returns: The high price of customer loyalty

25 Apr 1997

The Need for Screed
Rant on: Why do so many feel the need for screed?

24 Apr 1997

Hit & Run LXXXI
Smoke 'em if you got 'em: Cig settlements and burning newspapers

23 Apr 1997

Filler 04.23.97
Translate Your New Media Job Into Its Real-World Equivalent!

22 Apr 1997

Repeat the Ending
The same old saw: A gen-X revival

21 Apr 1997

Rerunning on Empty
History is a rerun from which we are trying to awake

18 Apr 1997

Single Bullet-Point Theory
Reading Timothy McVeigh's mail

17 Apr 1997

Hit & Run LXXX
Sex, violence, and oh yeah, crack: What passes for news in Hit and Run

16 Apr 1997

Filler 04.16.97
Unemployment: More Fun Than A Barrel Of Junkies!

15 Apr 1997

Stop the Presses
Obsolescence could be the best thing that's ever happened to books

14 Apr 1997

Second Semester Madness
Grading the Final Four: Figuring the calculus of school rankings

11 Apr 1997

Custer's Last Hand
Indian Gaming is the red man's revenge

10 Apr 1997

Hit & Run LXXIX
Fiona Giles' Dick for a Day, Bob Guccione is just a dick - media porn in Hit and Run

9 Apr 1997

Filler 04.09.97
Witness The Heaven's Gate Hype-O-Rama-Thon!

8 Apr 1997

Harmful Additives
Harmful Additives: Where does the content begin?

7 Apr 1997

Auteur, Auteur
Sling Blas&ecute;: Catching up with cultural ambulance chasing

4 Apr 1997

Agnostic Front
The Archons Win Again: The alienation of know-nothing gnostics

3 Apr 1997

Death and hacks: Higher Source: The movies, The Official Alien Abuductee's Handboo, and April Fish

2 Apr 1997

Filler 04.02.97
Stupid? Need A Job? Careers For Dummies!

1 Apr 1997


  Mar 1997

31 Mar 1997

King of All Minstrels
King of All Minstrels: Howard Stern's white face

28 Mar 1997

The Unheimlich Manuever
Mark Dery travels to television's nadir: Valley of the Gallery of Dolls

27 Mar 1997

Hit & Run LXXVII
Making a mountain out of a Sno-Ball and Dr. Kevorkian making a killing in the art market

26 Mar 1997

Filler 03.26.97
Learn All About Gapathy, In Filler's Spring Fashion Issue!

25 Mar 1997

Thin Mint Condition
Selling girl power door-to-door

24 Mar 1997

One-Pick Pony
Jenny McCarty is MTV's one-pick pony

21 Mar 1997

One World Dance Party
Moby vs. The Economist: Mixing media at the end of the millennium

20 Mar 1997

Hit & Run LXXVI
Media prophylactics

19 Mar 1997

Filler 03.19.97
Movies For Ordinary People!

18 Mar 1997

Anemic Analysis
Irony in the Intensive Criticism Unit

17 Mar 1997

Reality Bites Back
New and improved history on sale now

14 Mar 1997

NikeTown Crier
Forget NikeTown, get ready for NikeState

13 Mar 1997

Hit & Run LXXV
NASA hacked and crime stats whacked in Hit and Run

12 Mar 1997

Filler 03.12.97
Three Easy Targets: Bad Puns And Cheap Laughs!

11 Mar 1997

Shock It Up to Experience
Breaking the Naifes: The simple logic of popular culture

10 Mar 1997

Bound and Gagged
The sweet smell of success has a rich aroma

7 Mar 1997

To Market, to Market
Your Asset is Mine: The high price of fame

6 Mar 1997

Hit & Run LXXIV
Get 'em while they're haute: Couture castoffs, Eszterhas epigrams, and fanzines for fawners

5 Mar 1997

Filler 03.05.97
It's Jury Doody Time!

4 Mar 1997

Leave the Light on for You
Motel 1600: We'll leave the light on for you

3 Mar 1997

Ex Libris
Library Past: Information is only as good as the methods available to search for it

  Feb 1997

28 Feb 1997

Enema Vérité
Shit happens on Real TV

27 Feb 1997

Hit & Run LXXIII
Cloning around and making ba(n)d investments - media bites back

26 Feb 1997

Filler 02.26.97
Are You Paranoid, Dyslexic, Or Both?

25 Feb 1997

Condemned to Kill Time
Give us this day our daily planner

24 Feb 1997

Breaking News
Minute updates, on the minute

21 Feb 1997

Going in Style
Crying 'Fowler!' at the new style guides

20 Feb 1997

Hit & Run LXXII
Meet the Virtual Manager!

19 Feb 1997

Filler 02.19.97
Experience The Virtual Workplace!

18 Feb 1997

Dead Can Dance
Don't fear the Reaper

17 Feb 1997

Just Say Whoa
Overdosing on over-the-counter hype

14 Feb 1997

Mouseburger Royale
Goodbye to Girly Brown: Cosmo loses its head

13 Feb 1997

Hit & Run LXXI
Passing off masturbation as self-examination

12 Feb 1997

Filler 02.12.97
The Love Dissection!

11 Feb 1997

Childproof Gap
Age is just a minor problem

10 Feb 1997

Lamb to the Slaughter
Neutral coverage tries our short attention C-SPAN

7 Feb 1997

The Feature with 1000 Faces
Looking at the mythic hype surrounding Star Wars

6 Feb 1997

Hit & Run LXX
Allegra Coleman proves that fiction is stranger than fiction

5 Feb 1997

Filler 02.05.97
Fin-De-Siecle Dating!

4 Feb 1997

Hidden Persuaders
Joan Rivers is the hostess with the most-est

3 Feb 1997

Prevue to a Kill
Your television is your homepage

  Jan 1997

31 Jan 1997

Slapstick Traces
How comedies became less than a laughing matter

30 Jan 1997

Hit & Run LXIX
Taking stocks to the streets, Superbowl-ed over

29 Jan 1997

Filler 01.29.97
Be A Phony And Filler Will Be Your Friend!

28 Jan 1997

Be-In Digital
By the time we got to Webstock, it already sucked

27 Jan 1997

Interactor's Nightmare
We learn the facts of life from virtual vixens

24 Jan 1997

Class Dismissed
Tonight, let it be lowbrow

23 Jan 1997

Hit & Run LXVIII
The People vs. Hoary Print: Hit and Run smacks at The Economist and The Wall Street Journal

22 Jan 1997

Filler 01.22.97
Three Immorality Plays!

21 Jan 1997

Marriage of Convenience
Marriage of convienience: Coupling all the way to the bank

20 Jan 1997

Sign o' the Times
Celebrities sign their lives away

17 Jan 1997

The Writing's on the Stall
Gross profits: How kids books sell shit as shinola

16 Jan 1997

Hit & Run LXVII
Making money on the web: Don't charge, sue! Slate, GeekGirl(s) and more

15 Jan 1997

Filler 01.15.97
Revenge Of The Neo-Nerds!

14 Jan 1997

Culture of Complaint.com
You really can't complain - unless you can

13 Jan 1997

Green Machine
They put the 'green' in 'greenbacks.'

10 Jan 1997

Thinking Outside the Mailbox
Eudoraphoria: Why we love email

9 Jan 1997

Hit & Run LXVI
A year-end crash

8 Jan 1997

Filler 01.08.97
Talkin' About A Resolution?

7 Jan 1997

What Goes Up
The Smithsonian does Star Wars: May the market force be with you

6 Jan 1997

Speed Reading Between the Lines
Slowing down the World's Fastest Reader

3 Jan 1997

Nike wins an empty victory.
"Media and marketing giant Ni k e ,..."

2 Jan 1997

The Sucksters Predict
"Su c k s t e r s..."

1 Jan 1997

The Sucksters Predict
The Sucksters Predict